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Mezzanine Staircases

Mezz Floors UK offers a wide range of mezzanine staircases to perfectly complement our flooring solutions. As your new floor is going to sit in your headspace, you will of course need a way to access it.

We can supply a whole scope of different mezzanine staircases, from feature staircases to amenity stairs. Our team will assess exactly what you need and suggest the right type of steps to suit.

A Range of Suitability

Our selection of staircases comprises of ideal companions for any purpose.

Feature staircases: Generally considered as the most aesthetically pleasing, feature mezzanine staircases are used to make a statement. They of course remain functional and fit for purpose but place incredible focus on enhancing the décor or aura of their environment.

Commonly deployed in environments where style and appearance are of high value, such as offices, sales areas and commercial receptions, they offer grand appeal above all else. In most cases, they are designed to match a floor and surroundings. That usually entails specifically designing the floor and staircases side by side.

Part K general access staircases: These are mainly used for industrial floors, offering easy access and escape. We can comfortably integrate top and middle landings, balustrade or wall-rails to meet your requirements and still comply with building regulations.

These are offered painted or with a powder coated finish. If you are having an external escape staircase, we highly recommend that you go with the galvanised option to improve the quality and purpose even further.

Ambulant staircases are used where Part M of the Building Regulations cover access to, and use, of the building for disabled access. These guidelines mean that this type of mezzanine staircase should have lower step rises and wider treads and risers, as well as being fully enclosed to prevent accidents.

Depending on the height of your flooring solution, a landing may be needed to accompany the steps.

Mezzanine Staircase

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Feature staircases

General Access Staircase

Ambulant/Disabled Access Stair

Ambulant Staircase

Hand in Hand

Here at Mezz Floors UK, we make it our mission to provide the ideal staircase for your floor. Most clients we have provided mezzanine staircases for had theirs designed at the same time as their floor.

Normally, the two are constructed simultaneously and are installed at the same time, meaning you can start using both as soon as they’re ready. We provide a full design package including colour 3D images for your approval prior to production and installation.

Our computer-aided design team can allow you to see exactly what our mezzanine staircases will look like once complete. If you aren’t satisfied, you can specify changes before it’s too late. Whether it’s small details or big ones, you won’t be surprised upon completion.

Find Out More

Check out some of our previous staircases and see just how much great they are. No matter how you are planning are using your floor, whether you need a mezzanine staircase to add grandeur or simply to provide access, we can help.

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. We will happily talk you through anything you want to know and help you get exactly what you need.

Examples of our Staircases