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Retail Mezzanine Floors

The versatility and affordability of our retail mezzanine floors, along with our fantastic range of stylish finishes, makes our flooring systems suitable to for any retail environment. Whether you need more storage space, sales floor area or office space, you’ll find that our products can offer you the most flexible and cost-effective option.

With a bit of luck your retail environment will become a highly profitable business, filled with customers at most times of the day. In such a case, can your current premises deal with an increase in demand and footfall?

Relocation can pose a number of problems including potentially lost customers, extended downtime during the move and spreading the word of your new premises. Retail mezzanines take away a lot of these concerns.

Much quicker turnaround times, less expenditure and an ability to stay in the same location make them arguably the perfect choice. Whether it’s part of the same store or a shopping centre, a new floor can solve almost every problem.

Retail Mezzanine Flooring

Stunning Design and Aesthetics

The retail sector prides itself on an elegant appearance and we appreciate that. That’s why we offer an incredible range of finishes and colours that will effortlessly complement the design scheme and branding of your business. With a multitude of stylish options on offer, we’ve successfully incorporated our floors in a wide range of shops, both boutiques and large chains, providing each one with the perfect solution to their space worries.

Mezz Floors UK has supplied a modern, contemporary feel to a number of stores down the years and would be more than happy to help you achieve all of this. We work on a bespoke design and build system, meaning that whatever you need, you get just that.

Crafted by Experts

Our CAD operators have been designing retail mezzanine floors for a very long time. These years of experience has put them in the perfect position to deliver a solution that incorporates everything you need. Our operators’ have an eye for even the finest of detail and provide a floor that is graceful as well as practical.

As we manage all aspects from design through to manufacture and installation, we are able to provide mezzanine floors to fit in line with your company. In most cases, shutting up shop during installation isn’t a viable option and we can work with you to avoid this.

Installation teams are able to install your new flooring system at a rate of up to 60m2 per day. The whole process shouldn’t take too long regardless of the size of your floor. For added convenience, we can even arrange for our products to be put in after hours, either at the weekend or in the evening when you won’t have customers on the premises.

Taking Care of Regulations

Thanks to our vast experience and knowledge of mezzanines, we can handle all of the regulations involved to ensure you get not only a beautiful floor but also one that is safe and secure. Everything we produce conforms to relevant British standards for structural steel and we can even found out if you require planning permission and fire rating.

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