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Here at Mezz we have a wide range of different customers, operating in many different industry sectors. Each of them has a unique specification and we have provided bespoke flooring systems for each of our customers. But what are the reasons companies decide to have a Mezzanine floor installed?

Here are a few reasons:

Additional Storage Space

One of the most common reasons our customers come to us for a new mezzanine flooring system is to create additional storage space at their building. Most common for industrial and commercial customers looking to expand their warehouse space.

By installing a mezzanine floor in their existing unit or building they can take advantage of the roof space, most industrial units have high ceilings and are usually only one floor. By adding a second floor they will double their actual square footage.

Additional Office Space

Similar to above, there can be a few different scenarios where companies require additional office space to operate. Most common is the need for warehouse and office buildings to be combined into one, where before the offices were at a different address. By creating a Mezzanine specifically for additional office space is a great way to save money by reducing the need for a second building. In this case the storage area or warehouse will be on the ground floor and the additional office space would be in the roof space of the commercial or industrial unit.

Another reason is simply because the company is expanding and by making use of a Mezzanine floor they gain the extra room to accommodate more office workers.

Cheaper than Relocation

Finally, by  purchasing a mezzanine floor companies can save money by not having to re-locate. Moving offices or your company location is now easy feat, it is very time consuming and costly, there are often hidden costs involved depending on the type of business. Property prices are always increasing and finding a new building which suits your specific needs within the right area can be hard.

By making use of a mezzanine floor companies no longer need to relocate to bigger premises, the mezzanine would effectively add the additional space which companies are looking for.