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Unsurprisingly, here at Mezz, we’re a bit mad about mezzanine flooring – we think it’s some next level stuff. That’s because of the numerous benefits it offers to retail, offices and warehouses. Mezzanine floors have so much to offer to a variety of different environments, but we’re going to concentrate on warehouses for this blog post.

If you’re unsure about whether a warehouse mezzanine floor is something your business would benefit from then read on, we hope we can sway you.


It’s all about the space. This is a huge advantage of a mezzanine floor in a warehouse. For suppliers and manufacturers, storage space is one of your most valuable commodities. Warehouses are tall, and though you’re sure to use up a lot of the space, there’s always going to be a huge cavern of empty air near the top. You could simply buy another building to store stuff in, but that’s not exactly a cheap option, especially if you’re a small business with limited money to spend.

Why not, instead, spend a fraction of that money on adding a mezzanine floor to your existing warehouse? It’s a far cheaper and more convenient option. You’re not even limited to just one extra floor; depending on the size of your warehouse, you can add two, or even three to really capitalise on what you’ve got. When you’re a business looking to make the best use of space, a mezzanine floor is essential.

You can stay where you are

Moving is always a hassle. Adding a floor to your current warehouse means that you can have the benefits of added space without moving buildings or adding new ones to your premises. Moving buildings brings so many issues and challenges that need to be addressed – is it further away from employees? And from customers? For small businesses, the locality of their customer base is crucial to their survival – installing a mezzanine floor is an excellent way of staying near them.

Perhaps you think a building extension might be tempting, but that’s always going to be an expensive option that requires planning permission, which can sometimes be difficult to obtain. Also, some buildings just aren’t suited to extensions, which limits your options even further. A mezzanine floor is suited to any situation.

Make your warehouse last longer

Installing a mezzanine floor will breathe new life into an old warehouse. You can use the extra space to store products, or even to install new equipment, to keep your old building up to date and your business competitive. It means that you can go longer without having to buy a new building, and if you do this with every warehouse you’ve got, you’ll find that you’re going to save yourself so much annoyance and hassle down the line.


Warehouses have the potential to be very dangerous places; lots of heavy things stacked up high, people on ladders and, in larger buildings, employees operating forklifts. You need to be able to monitor stuff to stop all of those things bumping into each other – your employees’ safety depends on it.

Many warehouse supervisors use mezzanine floors to keep an eye on things. A mezzanine floor is the perfect vantage point to make sure that nothing dangerous happens in your warehouse which could lead to injuries or deaths – neither of which you want on your conscience.

It’s the cheapest option

The low cost has come up in the previous entries, but we thought it’d be good to really hammer it home, because it really is a fantastic advantage of installing a mezzanine floor instead of moving or adding an extension. Small businesses need to be able to make the most of their money, and a mezzanine floor will help a business expand their production potential and their ability to grow.

It really is a no-brainer.