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Mezzanine floors aren’t the only thing revolutionising the way the offices of today look. Here at Mezz Floors, we love to keep an eye on the newest interior design trends in the workplace. If you are thinking of adopting a mezzanine floor or already have done, then these daring design trends could give you another avenue to transform your office.

Multipurpose workspaces

Separating your workspace into different, designated sections for meetings and work is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Companies are now starting with multipurpose workspaces and then customising them to fit their needs. Cubicles are the antithesis of this way of thinking and that is why they are disappearing. Without cubicles, you are free to chop and change the layout of your workspace as you see fit.

Solitary work/rest areas

The end of separation doesn’t necessarily mean the end of solitude. Sometimes if you know exactly what you’re doing and you just need to do it without the help of anyone, then solitary working areas are perfect. Separate rooms, or just even a separate section of the room with some soundproofing will give your employees a space to really get in the zone.

The same goes for rest areas. A quiet place to take a private phone call on a lunch break or just somewhere to get away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the office can go a long way make your employees feel refreshed.

Colour and texture

Your office should inspire creativity, not suck it out of you. Don’t surround you and your employees with grey, featureless walls. Colour coding the areas of your office by department, for example, is a neat way of brightening up the office while adding some simple organisation. Colourful accessories, like plant pots and picture frames, are simple ways to brighten up the place.

Texture is also something that you can introduce into your office. Thick rugs, wooden panel work, beanbag chairs, hanging tapestries and other different textures are the perfect way to transform your office from sterile to tactile.

Community tables

Along with the end of cubicles, one new trend is the introduction of community tables instead of individual desks. Think about how you made friends at school; you were put on a table together and proximity and shared experiences brought you together. In the office, individual desks separate you from your colleagues, which not only acts as a barrier to friendship, it also works against collaboration. Community tables or benches are great ways to get your team really gelling.

Biophillic office design

Biophilia literally means a love of life and the natural world. Lots of us have it, so why lock it all out when we step into the office? Biophillic office design covers everything from pot plants to more natural light and access to views. More pot plants means more oxygen and improved air quality in your office, aiding wellness and concentration. Natural light is less harsh than artificial and improves mood. Larger windows which provide more natural light and better views for your employees will go down a treat.

It is quite simple to adapt or start working towards these new trends, so why not throw it out there for your team and see what they think? A new look and feel for your office can be the inspiration for new ideas and plans, and will promote happier and more engaged employees.