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The modern workplace has evolved far beyond the grey, lifeless blocks where you wait for the clock to inch towards 5pm. For many employees, offices are now becoming a home away from home. More relaxed policies on clothing and flexible working hours is creating a more relaxed and happy atmosphere that office managers are now looking to continue with the office building itself.

Here at Mezz Floors, we are firm believers in the merits of mezzanine floors and we think they’re perfect for transforming your office and making it a better place to be. We’ve got some great ideas for what you can use your new office mezzanine floor for.

1. Relaxation

Make things a little more comfortable and create a relaxation area out of your mezzanine floor. Big couches, armchairs, bean bags, soft rugs, even cuddly toys if you want! Your employees can veg out in their down time. Sometimes, just 10 minutes away from a screen can give your brain the rest it needs for you to come back fresh with a great idea or solution to a nagging problem.

Employees can have a little me-time, looking out the window or down onto the reception or greeting area you could have below your mezzanine floor.

2. Working space

Of course, at the other end of the spectrum, is the possibility of using your new mezzanine floor to fill with more working spaces (the horror). However, the clean, open look of a mezzanine floor actually makes a wonderful place to work. You could make your mezzanine floor rooms into stylish meeting spaces for managers and team leaders to discuss direction and progress.

3. Playtime!

Managers and bosses are really engaging with the idea that workplaces aren’t just places to grind away the hours, staring at a screen and wishing you were somewhere else. For example, why not try staring at a different screen, like a TV? Games consoles have started joining the more traditional options of pool, table tennis and table football, and the recent resurgence of board games means that you and your colleagues can sit down for a game of scrabble between meetings.

Your mezzanine floor can be a place to show off to visiting clients and shareholders – maybe don’t absolutely clobber them in Mario Kart, though?

4. Lunch area

Get rid of that stuffy little lunch room you’re currently using and let your employees eat in the airy openness of your brand new mezzanine floor. Modern and quirky food trends demand a new and better place to eat them. A bright and clean-looking mezzanine will create a really wonderful space for colleagues to eat their avocado toast together and have a good catch up over the latest weird food trends.

5. Storage area

Not the most glamorous of uses, but an extra floor can make use of that vertical space that’s currently floating uselessly above your head. Your mezzanine floor can store all the paper, staples, company goldfish tanks etc. It’s a far cheaper option for more storage space than buying a new building or building an extension on your current building.


As you can see, your office mezzanine floor is a sort of stem cell, in terms of what you can use it for. We’ve talked about five ideas, but the possibilities really are endless. Get in touch with us and we’ll be really interested in discussing the ideas you’ve got for your office mezzanine floor.