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The retail sector is one that seems to be able to keep adapting, growing and moving with the times. As a nation, the UK almost specialises in shopping trips and spending money on any number of products from clothes and shoes to jewellery and electrical appliances.

As a result, many retail outlets, shopping centres and factories have turned their attention to retail mezzanine floors in a bid to find that extra space that can ultimately help store and display their stock and there are a number of reasons and benefits for this trend.

1. Increased Display Area

When demand is high for a certain product, particularly at peak times, many stores will find themselves with inadequate space to get all of their potential sales items in the eye of a customer. Of course if somebody can’t see something, it’s going to be a bit of struggle to persuade them to purchase it.

Retail mezzanine floors can offer up to double the amount of display space and allow for managers to get more of their stock out there on the shop floor and gives buyers a chance to see a wider range of goods that they can own for themselves.

2. Increased Storage Area

If a business has nowhere to store excess items, it can undoubtedly have a direct impact on the amount stock that can be kept at any given time. Whilst it may be easy to order extra items from wholesalers and suppliers on an ad hoc basis, it’s even easier for shoppers to simply go to a competitor when you’ve run out of the product they’re looking for.

With the help of retail mezzanine floors, store owners can easily hold more products and increase their chances of having the specific items that clients may be after. This is especially useful during times of anticipated high traffic and demand.

3. Cost-Effective Alternative to Relocating

In the past, there was probably only one option when it came to trying to find more space which was to find new premises. This could have proven rather expensive as the downtime involved, potential loss of existing customers and possible need to advertise and market new locations can eat into budgets rather quickly.

These risks are dramatically mitigated with mezzanine structures as installation time is a speedy process, premises remain in the same location and advertising can stay at the same level as it already is. There won’t be any additional costs, such as increased rent and tax either.

4. Consistent Themes and Branding

Many businesses rely on their branding, themes and overall aesthetic appeal to help drive custom to a particular store. This can really enhance customer satisfaction and experience and is important to get right.

Mezzanines are supportive of these ideas and can be custom-made to fit seamlessly with the arrangements of store interiors. Current designs, styles, colour schemes and logos can be integrated creating a stunning visual that is tailored exactly to specific requirements.

5. Comprehensive Safety Guarantees

Retail mezzanine floors are subject to intense safety checks and regulations to ensure optimum protection for anybody who may happen to use them. Staircases, balustrades and handrails provide the perfect solution to potential issues. They can also be manufactured to desirable specifications too, making them look appealing at the same time.

On top of this, flooring can be protected from fire with minimal fuss. The structural integrity of the system will be maintained for long enough for evacuation to be safely accomplished and measures for all aspects from suspended ceilings and fascias to fire walls, sprinklers and smoke detectors can be included at the design stage.

For the Long-Term

With retail mezzanine floors now becoming a must-have part of many shops and stores, their features are becoming more and more appreciated with every passing day.

Able to provide space that is secure and allow for renewed efficiency, they could be around for a very long time and here at Mezz Floors UK, we welcome this.