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A mezzanine floor can transform any warehouse significantly. Simply by having one installed, operators can begin to see the rewards almost instantly. These stainless steel structures are
not only aesthetically pleasing, they provide a number of advantages to alternative options.


Probably the main reason we at Mezz Floors are contacted is creating a larger working or storage area for business owners. Warehouses that are used primarily for storage purposes can become cramped and run out of room for keeping materials and products. The majority of the workplaces have invaluable and untapped space just waiting to be utilised sitting right overhead which can be exploited with the inclusion of a warehouse mezzanine which could potentially almost double the area. These structures are ideal for storing excess stock, creating new workspace and reducing risks of potential accidents where people may be working on the same level as moving machinery such as forklifts and tow trucks.


Chances are, if you’re considering a warehouse mezzanine floor, you’ve considered other options in an effort to find which choice is the most cost efficient. Stainless steel structures from Mezz Floors only have the original charge attached. In most cases, because the floor is not technically a new level of the building, there will be no charges that are associated with expanding the working area. Increased council tax and rent charges are not an issue to be dealt with and everything can resume as normal once the floor is up and running.


Here at Mezz Floors, we use stainless steel in the manufacturing process of our warehouse mezzanines. This provides a strong and durable foundation for you to carry out daily activities without fear that health and safety is at risk.

Stay in Current Premises

Installing a mezzanine in your current location means that you have no reason to move to bigger premises. You may have current business ties with local companies which could possibly come into jeopardy if you were to move your operations to another site. Having a storage solution in place can give you the crucial grounds you need to keep customers and clients happy and staying within your current building. Relocating can be an expensive and stressful time and a warehouse mezzanine can negate these inconveniences.


As a business, your priority is probably to grow and expand your business as and the need arises and this can be supported by a warehouse mezzanine. By providing an extended working and storage space, the ability of your business to upscale can be assisted without the major financial charges that can hit hard when relocating to bigger premises. It can even go the other way. If you decide that for any reason your practices need to be restricted, your floor can be used to store materials and stock that are not currently required or can even be dismantled without compromising the stability when it is reassembled.


Warehouse mezzanines can be used for all manner of purpose. Storage and working areas for any aspect of the workplace can be accommodate on a floor and used to your advantage. Mezzanines are custom built and so fit the requirements for which they are specifically needed. If your business was to grow even beyond the point that your mezzanine is no longer large enough, you can take it with you to a new site and immediately have an increased storage or working area without another costly outlay.