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Concert venues vary a lot in size, style and layout – from arenas to theatres to small, intimate venues. The space itself can make or break the concert-going experience and can encourage people to keep coming back – or make them stay away. With the sad closure of an increasing number of local music venues, thinking about how you can make your venue the best it can be – offering a fantastic experience – is a necessity.

In order to achieve this, some venues have a mezzanine floor, meaning that the audience is split across two levels. There is an audience standing in front of the stage and then stairs leading up to a second level from which gig-goers can stand and look out over the stage. Many successful and popular music venues have this feature, such as several of the O2 Academy venues (e.g. Sheffield, Leeds), Rock City in Nottingham, Union Chapel in London and lots of intimate jazz venues, such as the Jazz Cafe in London.

Here are the top reasons why a mezzanine makes such a great addition to a concert venue…

1. More concert-goers can get a good view

Anyone who’s been to a standing gig knows the trials and tribulations of trying to get a good view. You always seem to end up behind the world’s tallest person, and you can’t get through to the front because of all the people who’ve been queuing outside the venue since earlier that day to get the best spot. And having an impeded view can really dampen the concert experience.

With an additional mezzanine layer, you double the front row space available and give more people the chance to see their favourite band properly. You’ll be keeping even more of your punters happy!

2. You create a more intimate atmosphere

Obviously, the fact that more people get a clear view of the stage means that the whole gig feels more intimate. People can really see the musicians and will therefore feel more connected with the music. Also, those on the mezzanine will have a birdseye view over the crowd below while those on the ground will see more fellow gig-goers when they look up. Having others easily in view helps to create a sense of a community of people who are all there to appreciate the music.

3. You can cater for all types of gig-goers

The best bands and artists appeal to all generations and types of people. That can mean, however, that you end up with quite an eclectic mix of people at their gigs. While some may want to dance or mosh right in the heart of the action, others are happy to stand back and simply listen to the music. With a mezzanine level, the more relaxed audience members can view the action from a safe distance without getting jostled, but still enjoying a good view.

4. Bands will enjoy performing there

The power of the mezzanine works both ways – many bands talk about really enjoying playing in venues with mezzanines or balconies. Michael Blume, for example, told Nylon that The Bowery Ballroom in New York is his favourite venue to perform in: he remembers “looking up at the folks on the balcony, as well as the sea of people on the floor-the room felt so much bigger when it was full of audience.”

Being able to see and connect with audience members is important for artists too. And if your venue is renowned for being good to play amongst artists, you will get more bands wanting to play there, pulling more people in.

5. It’s an added quirk

People love places that are a bit different and have their own unique qualities. Having an additional level gives a venue that something different that will get people talking and coming back to your venue. They also make great Instagram pictures, so you might even get some free marketing out of it!

6. You can fit more people in

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of having a mezzanine installed in your venue is that you can fit more people in. It will soon pay for itself in all the additional tickets you can sell for concerts. The increased capacity also means you can host bigger, more popular bands. It presents a great opportunity to grow your business.

If you’re interested in enjoying the benefits of a new mezzanine level in your concert venue, then get in touch with the team here at Mezz Floors to discuss how we can help you realise this. We are also well versed in all requirements and fire regulations etc. and will be able to talk you through all of this. Give us a call today on 01440 268 411 or send us an email at sales@mezzuk.co.uk.