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About Mezz Floors UK – Mezzanine Floor Construction Specialists

Mezz Floors UK is a hands-on mezzanine floor construction specialist company. We offer a personal touch when designing and building your flooring system: we get to know you and your company so we can create the best mezzanine floor possible for you.


We have been in the business of crafting structures for many years, supplying industrial and mezzanine floors to customers across the UK, as well as many European countries.


Over the years we have supplied thousands of customers, with our mezzanine floor construction always conforming to British standards as well as the client’s individual budget and requirements.


Even with years of experience, we keep our products competitively priced..


Experienced Craftspeople

Based in Haverhill, Suffolk, Mezz Floors UK has been operating for a number of years now. We have a highly experienced team who go out of their way to ensure the very best in service and satisfaction.


Since our inception, we have placed huge emphasis on ensuring your receive a flooring system that is perfectly suited to your specific application. We take pride in our incredible attention to detail and quick turnaround time.


We are used to dealing with and overcoming issues that may arise when implementing mezzanine floors, for example awkward room shapes, and are able to think outside the box. We have tackled every problem that has faced us so far and can say with confidence that we can cater to any demand.


Our experience in the industry has enabled us to gain knowledge and expertise in handling and creating mezzanine systems for all manner of sectors and functions. We’re proud to have put our name to flooring in the manufacturing and warehouse sectors, as well as office and retail zones. From industrial storage space to beautiful showcase and work areas, we relish the opportunity to design and install bespoke mezzanines for any scenario.

Always Striving for the Best

At Mezz Floors UK, as a company we are always seeking to further improve our mezzanine flooring construction so that we know we are offering our customers the very best. We are constantly looking at ways to enhance our services.


Our team consists only of experienced and knowledgeable technicians and engineers, who are able to create the perfect solution for you. We also have a team dedicated to ensuring that installation goes without a hitch. If you so wish, we will also seek permissions and building regulations on your behalf, to make sure everything is as hassle-free as possible.


If you want a trustworthy, experienced company to design and construct your mezzanine floor and expertly handle the whole process from initial design ideas through to the finished product, then look no further than Mezz Floors UK. We would be happy to discuss your initial ideas with you or answer any questions: simply give us a call on 01440 268 411 or send us an email at sales@mezzuk.co.uk. Alternatively, if you already have concrete ideas for your mezzanine floor, fill in our online quote form for a free quotation.


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