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We’re a little biased, but we really believe in the power of mezzanine floors to transform offices and help you make the most of your vertical space. We deal with several office-based clients and it’s clear that mezzanine floors have much to offer them. There are so many benefits to having a custom-designed mezzanine installed in your office.

Aesthetics and style

The aesthetics of your office plays an important role in influencing your working environment. A custom-designed mezzanine that fits in with the existing look of your office offers so much in terms of eye-pleasing value. No matter what you want from your mezzanine floor – light, airy spaces or cosy, comfortable areas – you can make a real feature out of it.

It’s not just employees you need to consider. If you want to make an impact on any current or potential clients who come into your office, then a stylish mezzanine floor could be just what your office needs to stand out. Make a statement straight away to any visitors to your company. A custom-designed mezzanine floor would allow you to achieve exactly what you and your office requires in terms of aesthetic design.

More work space

For growing companies, hiring new employees will eventually beg the question, where are they going to go? You could just keep stuffing them in until they’re elbow to elbow, but employees tend to feel a bit undervalued and unmotivated if their working conditions aren’t taken into consideration. Why don’t you try looking up? Do you really need all that vertical space? A mezzanine floor offers you a simple and cheap solution to this problem, giving you a whole floor’s worth of space to house new employees with plenty of room to expand.

Storage space

If you don’t want to store your employees on your floor, you can put other things there. No matter the nature of your business, storage space is always required and a mezzanine floor could be a smart way to make sure you have enough. A mezzanine offers you an entire new floor of space to store files, equipment and whatever you need to store. The fact that it’s stored onsite means that it is just as accessible as when it was stored elsewhere in your building.

Cheap and low disruption

A mezzanine floor isn’t your only option when you need more space for your business, but is definitely the most cost-effective. You could build an extension onto your current building, but this could require planning permission, as well as being expensive and highly disruptive. You could also move into a new building, but this would be enormously disruptive since you would have to move all of your equipment and furniture while employees would have to change their commutes.

A mezzanine floor can be quickly installed with minimal disruption to your workforce, so that you can get quickly back to work. Smaller business might not have the luxury of lots of money to spend on expansion, so a mezzanine floor could be the perfect solution that als offers gives you plenty of room for further expansion.


As you can see, there are several benefits to having a custom-designed mezzanine floor installed in your office, ranging from aesthetics, to cost and practicality. Your wasted vertical space can be utilised effective to expand your production potential and storage space. Using a specialist mezzanine floor supplier like Mezz Floors UK means you can have a custom-designed floor that meets your exact specifications in terms of looks, size, material and much more.