Case Studies

Case Studies

Take a look at a selection of our previous clients to explore how we use our years of expertise to deliver quality service every time. From wine merchants to mattress distributors and relocation to renovation, whatever your needs, at Mezz Floors UK we are here to help.

Farr Vintners

When wine merchants, Farr Vintners, got in touch with Mezz Floors UK to enquire about a having a mezzanine system constructed within their stylish premises we were happy to help. But, with a specification to provide an elegant design that fused style with practicality, the team had a lot to consider.


This particular brief required multiple access points, as well as additional balustrades to achieve the desired look of the space, adding to the complexity of the project. The proposed floor needed to be versatile as it was to be used for a variety of services, but it was vital that it also provided the right feel to reflect the company’s values. That is why at Mezz Floors we work closely with each of our clients to help create a final product that is as close to perfect as possible. Our working relationship with Farr Vintners is an example of how valuing our relationship with our clients allows us to deliver the best possible result.


Hyundai Logistics UK Ltd

After deciding to relocate their premises, Hyundai Logistics UK contacted Mezz Floors UK to discuss how to make the most out of their new space. The company wanted to ensure that their new working environment provided them with enough room to carry out their everyday tasks with efficiency and ease.


Despite the discovery of a boiler which could not be moved, the Mezz Floors team were able to work around this obstacle to provide a final design which still met all of the company’s needs. The size of the floor also proved a challenge to the design of the mezzanine, yet our team used their expertise to produce a result that worked for Hyundai Logistics. The project plan was also specifically designed to ensure that the business faced as little downtime as possible, without compromising health and safety.


Working together with Hyundai Logistics, our computer-aided design, manufacturing and installation teams were able to maintain Mezz Floors’ high standards whilst working to strict budgets and tight deadlines.


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Mansion House Bedding Company

Mansion House Bedding Company are one of the biggest manufacturers of beds and mattresses in the UK, and they approached Mezz Floors to help them both design and install a new mezzanine floor for their Suffolk-based warehouse.


At 43 metres x 15 metres, this was a particularly large design so required even more consideration from our expert design team than usual. Customer safety is paramount to us and the size of the installation meant that fire rating of the floor was necessary.


As with any project, Mansion House Bedding had budgets and timeframes that needed to be adhered to. Mezz Floors tackled this with ease, consistently working to deadlines and financial considerations and ultimately ensuring that the client was happy.


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