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Case Studies

A closer look at some of our Mezzanine Flooring projects.

farr vintners mezzanine

Farr Vintners

Wine merchants, Farr Vintners, got in touch with Mezz Floors UK to enquire about a having a mezzanine system devised and constructed within their fashionable premises. With a specification to provide an elegant design fusing style with practicality the team had a lot to consider.

The proposed floor was to be used as professional commercial and work space. It was vital that we got the look and aura right and worked closely with the company with a common goal of crafting something as close to perfect as possible.

As the floor was intended as a high-class space, we had to work closely with the team at Farr Vintners to produce a structure that achieved this as well as provided sufficient support to host everyday activities.

There would need to be suitable access to the floor, too. A first, main staircase would be needed, along with an alternative access point leading away from the main area of the building. There’d also need to be balustrades in place to complement the look of the mezzanine.

Due to the nature of the project at hand, the people involved with it would have to take a whole host of factors into account at various points along the scheme.

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hyundai logistics mezzanine

Hyundai Logistics UK Ltd

Hyundai Logistics UK contacted Mezz Floors UK as they had decided to relocate their premises. The company’s main concern was finding the right amount of space to efficiently carry out everyday tasks smoothly.

There were a few key factors in this design and installation project including the size of the floor, access from different points and a boiler that couldn’t be moved.

Our team had to find a suitable way to account for these points without impacting on any efficiency, convenience and productivity once the mezzanine had been installed. We also had to compose a plan based on a need for as little downtime as possible with no negative effect on quality and safety.

Working together with Hyundai Logistics personnel, our computer-aided design, manufacturing and installation teams had to keep our very high standards intact whilst on strict budgets and tight deadlines.

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mansion bedding mezzanine

Mansion House Bedding Company

Mansion House Bedding Company, one of the biggest manufacturers of beds and mattresses in the UK, approached us to carry out every aspect of a new mezzanine floor for their warehouse. We were tasked with designing, creating and installing a structure at their Suffolk based facilities.

At 43 metres x 15 metres, this was going to be a particularly large floor so needed some careful consideration. As a result of the floor being so big, we’d need to provide fire rating to the underside. On top of this, there was a requirement for multiple access points to be implemented in the design stage.

The client had budgets and timeframes that needed to be adhered to. Mezz Floors had to work with these factors in mind and stick to agreed upon costs and deadlines. Of course this all had to be done without compromising the overall quality of any component of the project.

Together with the client, we had to concoct a plan that would run smoothly at every point of the project.

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