CE Marking for Mezzanine Floors

CE Marking for Mezzanine Floors

Since the 1st July 2014, it has been a legal requirement for all fabricated structural steelwork supplied to a work or building site to carry a CE mark. Included in this legislation are the materials involved in the production and manufacturing of mezzanine floors.


It is now an offence to supply structural steelwork without a CE mark, meaning that any company who provides a mezzanine floor without a CE mark is breaking the law, regardless of who they are and who they are supplying it to.


It is the responsibility of the company supplying the structural steelworks to ensure that anything that is supplied is sufficiently marked. A mezzanine floor provider and its supply chain can be all be held accountable if they are found to be providing materials without a CE mark and penalised respectively.


Companies that are found to be failing to adhere to the CE marking mandate run the risk of a host of unwanted consequences. From suspension notices to fines, and even potential imprisonment, the order is in place to ensure quality and safety; two values that we at Mezz Floors UK hold very close.


Here at Mezz Floors UK Limited, we have always regarded rules, regulations and legislation with the utmost seriousness. We do everything in our power to ensure that we abide by the current laws, which allow us to provide our clients with the safest, and of course legal, products.


Therefore, Mezz Floors UK operates in compliance with Regulation 305/2011/EU of the European Parliament. Our commitment to maintaining our status as a premier mezzanine floor supplier, by adhering to relevant regulations is wholly important to us.


Every single product designed, manufactured and installed by our team is done so with a view to uncompromisingly conform to all of the relevant controls and legislation set in place.


Our standards are incredibly high and we always deliver the very best in fabricated structural steelwork. As part of our commitment and dedication to be as open and frank and possible, you can have a look at our CE Certificate.


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