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Commercial Mezzanine Floors

Commercial businesses require optimum space efficiency and a mezzanine floor is a fantastic way to achieve this, in a stylish way that will bring something unique to your building. Mezz Floors UK provides the perfect solution for commercial buildings. Our fully bespoke commercial mezzanine flooring or entresol flooring adds a new dimension to any building. Our expert team has countless years of experience in servicing, fitting and refurbishing commercial areas and buildings.

We believe in involving our clients in the design and production process to ensure that the finished product meets all requirements, fitting seamlessly into your existing space.

The commercial floors that we design epitomise everything that is Mezz Floors; efficient, well-designed and thoughtfully-planned. No matter what sort of building your business operates out of, this is the solution you are looking for. Versatile, affordable and complemented by an extensive range of finishes and materials, our flooring solutions can benefit buildings of all sizes and styles.

Make the most of your space

Whether you need to make more space or simply want to add a stunning visual piece to your building, our design team can create the floor to meet your needs.

Many commercial buildings have high ceilings and many businesses fail to make the most of their available room. Space is a resource which you should take advantage of. This unused overhead space can be used to transform the building with mezzanine / entresol flooring. Create new space for displays, visitor areas, offices – it’s up to you. Available space can potentially be doubled without the need for lengthy service suspensions or extensions.

If you’re looking for a clever way to create the space you need to enhance operations, you can do so without setting up shop at different premises. Mezz Floors UK can help you gain a modern look that offers practical answers to your spatial questions. Much quicker, cheaper and more convenient than relocation, mezzanines could be the perfect solution.

Commercial Floor

Crafted specifically for your premises

As we manufacture every solution to your individual requirements, you can be sure that your commercial mezzanine flooring will be specifically suited around your needs and environment. We pride ourselves on our bespoke floor development process, which involves the client to ensure that they are pleased with the outcome.

All of our floors are designed and built to conform to relevant British Standards regulations. Our team of CAD experts have a wealth of experience in creating mezzanines and their keen eye for the finer details result in unrivalled consistency in quality.

Once the mezzanine flooring has been designed and manufactured, it is then ready to be installed by our professionally-trained and highly skilled installation team. This a team that has the experience of several projects under their belts, so they are adept at keeping things below budget and on-schedule. Installed at a rate of up to 60m2 per day, your building can get access to your floor in next to no time.

Working for You

At Mezz Floors UK we work to your schedule. We appreciate that you need minimal fuss and downtime during installation works and your needs can be met with our expedited installation process. Our team can work with you and are even willing to work through the night and at the weekend to make sure that disruptions and distractions are kept as minimal as they possibly can be.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our flooring systems. Our expert team is on hand to talk you through anything that may be on your mind. From design to manufacturing to installation, we can carry out every aspect of the process efficiently and effectively.

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