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The warehousing and storage industry is one of many twists and turns. With such uncertainty around every corner, the only thing you can be sure of, is that you need to be ready.

It has been predicted that the warehouse sector will continue to grow and reach astronomical heights by 2019. With this in mind, it is probably time to start thinking about how, or if, your company’s warehousing and storage are going to be able to cope with the new, dizzying heights.

In order to stay on top of any industry boom, you have to be set for growth yourself. Whether this is anticipated or not, you don’t want to find yourself left lagging behind and ultimately pay the price for failing to adapt.

Make the Most of Available Space

Warehouse space is almost as important as finances and time. Without a suitable amount of room, your business could suffer in the long run. Think about whether the size of your workplace can comfortably accommodate all of your staff and still leave apt capacity for growth and further employees who could potentially be hired in the future.

Reimagining your site can be carried out in a number of ways. Perhaps you could rejig your current layout or even get rid of old or unused items and materials that are no longer needed. It is also possible that you see no way to cater to the ever-changing demands of the warehousing and storage world if you stay in your current location.

Maybe the best possible method to really make the most of available space is the installation of a mezzanine flooring system. If you have a high ceiling with lots of unused overhead space, this void could be perfectly filled with a stainless steel structure that can offer double your work area in some cases. A mezzanine floor will generally only command the initial design and installation cost and requires little to no upkeep.

Reconsider Your Storage Options

Which storage solutions work for each business will vary from warehouse to warehouse. In most cases, some kind of shelving of racking will suffice – for the time being at least.

Be sure that your current practices are suitable for your inventory and provide an accessible means to all those who need to remove or replenish any items from reserve.

It may sound a little counter-productive or even like something that is unnecessary, but have you considered having more storage than you need? Of course, don’t go out and get an additional warehouse or storage unit that you really don’t need.

By having a few extra shelves or incorporating your current stockpile into a mezzanine flooring system, you should find yourself able to cope with any added demands that crop up in the near future.

Make Processes More Efficient than Ever

Once you have evaluated your storage solutions, chance are, productivity and efficiency will receive a boost. With much clearer and decluttered workspaces, processes will be quicker and more precise.

Your assessment shouldn’t stop there though. Identify any potentially problematic areas and take necessary steps to try and reduce any risks. This could be something simple, like placing a sign up indicating that plastic strapping should always be put in a bin; or something major, like relocating employees to different parts of the warehouse, especially if you did take the choice of a mezzanine flooring system. The new space that is supplied by a mezzanine floor will also free up existing spaces, meaning more room for staff to effectively perform business tasks.