Farr Vintners

Farr Vintners

Case Study: Farr Vintners

Grey Interiors contacted Mezz Floors UK to supply, deliver, and install their new mezzanine floor for the new offices they were creating for Farr Vintners.

Farr Vintners is one of Europe’s biggest wine merchants and the company was looking for a commercial mezzanine floor. The purpose of the new mezzanine was to create additional space for common activities such as meetings and conference calls.

As a company that prides itself on its appearance, Farr Vintners required an aesthetically appealing solution to complement the classy interior of the building.

Working closely with Grey Interiors, the team here at Mezz Floors UK designed the floor, staircases and balustrades that would meet the demands of their client, Farr Vintners. As well as being accessible from the front end of the premises, we also had to consider alternative routes as the property had more than one potential route to the floor.

Our computer-aided design (CAD) team produced a 3D prototype of this design and presented it to the client to ensure it was exactly what they needed and wanted.

The floor incorporated some of the finest features available. Creating a large, open area for business activities to take place, the design has a modern, clean look complete with a stunning half turn staircase and stainless steel and glass balustrade that adds an extra touch of elegance.

Our installation team was able to erect the mezzanine efficiently and in a timely manner. This allowed for Farr Vintners to eliminate a lot of downtime and continue with operations as swiftly as possible.

Overall, Mezz Floors UK was able to design, manufacture and install a mezzanine floor, feature staircase and balustrades that comfortably met the demands of the client. We were able to produce a superbly appealing structure that enhanced the interior décor and design scheme.

On top of this, the client had highly functional, additional space to alleviate any concerns of running short of room. Productivity did not suffer and was able to be boosted immediately following installation.

Following on from this, clients of Farr Vintners, Masters of Wine, contacted Mezz Floors UK to produce a feature staircase for their new offices.