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When designing an area—whether it’s in a shop, office or commercial building—you need to pick the right combination of clever and effective planning of space an appealing aesthetics. The staircase plays a big role here, as the placement and design can really make a space—in more ways than one. Here at Mezz Floors, we offer a comprehensive range of services and products surrounding mezzanine flooring, and this includes staircases. As well as industrial staircases for functional use in factories and warehouses, we also have you covered when it comes to a stylish feature staircase that really makes an impact. Read on to find out more about our feature staircases.

An architectural feature

You don’t need to be an architect to recognise the architectural value that a staircase can add to a space. We’ve all been in buildings where a grand staircase has created that “wow” effect. Here at Mezz, we know about this better than anyone, and are full of ideas for creating really special staircases. Our designers will work closely together with you to understand your space and incorporate a staircase that really adds value. Using CAD (computer aided design), we will create initial designs and consult with you so you can see the design process and help to shape your feature staircase. After we have created a render of the staircase, you can take a look and have the chance to provide your ideas and input. Together, we can take your staircase from purely functional to statement.

Visually connecting two levels

While the base function of a staircase is to connect two levels and allow us to get from A to B, a feature staircase also connects two levels visually. The beauty of a mezzanine floor is that it is open, so you effectively get two levels within one space. The staircase is the final piece of this puzzle. Our beautiful feature staircases seamlessly draw the two levels together to complete the space. This can be achieved by matching the staircase to the rest of the balustrade system around your mezzanine floor. In addition, we work together with our interior design partners and you to create a uniform look from top to bottom, and one which fits with your brand image and sends a clear message about the quality and nature of your business.

Aesthetic appeal

To achieve all of this, your staircase needs to look really good. This requires top-quality, high-end materials. This is guaranteed with Mezz Floors. If you opt for our stylish glass panelling look with stainless steel bannisters, you can rest easy knowing that you will be getting the best materials available: for example, we use 316-grade stainless steel. We even have an in-house polishing team to get your staircase and balustrades shining bright, to make a really great impression. The feature staircase will be one of the first things your customers see, so make sure the first impression they get is one of class and quality. Don’t settle for a plain old staircase that simply does the job—go for a beautifully constructed and designed piece that makes a lasting impression.

If you are interested in a feature staircase, get in touch with us today to discuss your options and how we can help. Simply give us a call on 01440 268 411 or an email at sales@mezzuk.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you!