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How Water Jet Cutting Works

Our incredible water jet cutter, combined with our extensive expertise, allows us to produce any shape from any material imaginable. This includes typically tough materials such as stainless steel, titanium, carbon fibre and even bulletproof glass.

This remarkable machinery can work wonders whatever your requirements and is one of the best cutting methods due to its cleanliness, versatility and ease of use.


Of course, for water to able to cut through solid materials, there’s going to have to be some form of powerful energy. This is possible by pressurising water to in excess of 1200 times that of regular tap water. This forms an incredibly powerful stream which is filtered through a tiny orifice at over 1020 m/s – three times faster than the speed of sound.

Using a high pressure water pump, water is expelled through a tiny nozzle, cutting the material with its sheer pressure and force without heat. The lack of heat means that no deformations or warping occurs during the spraying.

How Water Jet Cutting Works
How Water Jet Cutting Works


The material to be cut is placed on a supporting grid in a pool of water – the pool is ready to catch the sprayed water of course.

The selected materials will then lay there whilst the water jet cutter does all of the work. The machine is capable of changing direction and even cutting curves without the need to touch the cut matter in the slightest.

For softer materials which are easier to slice, only water will be used in the process. Tougher materials may be cut using abrasives along with water but this has no impact at all on the ability to provide the perfect shape and cut.


For the time being at least, machinery doesn’t tend to operate itself, especially when bespoke solutions are required. Water jet cutting is easily operated by technicians with expert knowledge of the protocol required for the perfect results.

If this water is capable of carving through aluminium, it’s going to be pretty dangerous for any person to be too close to the machinery when in operation. Technicians work from a safe distance using machine controls to guide the process.

How Water Jet Cutting Works

Edge Quality and Turnaround Times

The machinery involved in the process tapers down to less than a degree providing stunning precision. What’s even more impressive is that this can be reduced even further by using a slower setting or changing the distance between the nozzle and the material being cut.

Our water jet cutting services are versatile and can offer varying levels of edge quality and speed depending on your specific requirements. We can use fast, normal and slow velocities, each resulting in a varying end product.

  • Slow: The slow water jet cutting approach results in the smoothest possible finish. This will provide you with the best looking product and is the best option if you need a visually impeccable solution. As the name suggests, the slow setting is the least rapid of the three meaning you’ll have to wait a bit longer.
  • Fast: Using the fast setting for water jet cutting provides the quickest and cheapest possible turnaround time for your project. If time and budget are key factors for your workload, this approach is the right one for you. On the other hand, you will get a rougher finish but this should be fine if you don’t need the parts to be visible at all times.
  • Normal: In the middle of the fast and slow techniques is the normal speed setting. The edge quality of materials using this technique will be smoother than the fast finish but not as smooth as the slow setting. It also sits between the two in terms of time so is ideal if you want a better finish than the roughest available in a quicker timeframe than the slow process.

Practical and Precise

With all of this fantastic technology coupled with variable speeds and quality finishes to suit your exact requirements, waterjet cutting is arguably the most practical method of achieving accurate results.

Water jet cutters are capable of slicing through any materials with extreme precision giving you the perfect cut in any shape, size or form.

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