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Industrial Mezzanine Flooring

Is your building beginning to feel a little cramped? Are you facing the possibility of having to move to bigger premises in order to keep your operations running at the same level, or even the same standard? The space needs of industrial sector businesses can vary enormously, with the increase in production orders requiring an entirely new piece of machinery, which could be impossible with your current floor space. Mezz Floors UK offers bespoke industrial mezzanine flooring systems (also referred to as entresol) to help your business continue to grow, thrive and prosper.

Our mezzanines are designed and manufactured in accordance with each client’s unique circumstances, needs, and requirements. This ensures that our team will design and develop the floor that is perfectly suited to your business, providing your business with the best solution to its space problems.

We can create and provide single and multi-tier systems to accommodate for every specification. Simply by installing a new floor, you can potentially see your storage or work space double in size. This all comes at a much cheaper rate than setting up shop elsewhere, with far less hassle.

The benefits of a mezzanine floor

A mezzanine from Mezz Floors UK offers the very best in modern aesthetics whilst encompassing a wide range of benefits. These flooring systems are flexible and adaptable, making use of untapped overhead room. Need more workspace? Create more workstations on a mezzanine. Need some storage space? Store it on the mezzanine.

There’s only one fee involved with them and it’s much less than those that comes along with relocating. There are no estate agent, council tax or increased rent bills. You could potentially end up having double the amount of space you have now, without paying a penny extra each month.

Moving to a new building can take months to complete and end up costing a significant chunk of money. Your current clients may be put off by your new locations and extended periods of downtime can lead to you being unable to fulfil the demands of your customers. Our mezzanines can be installed in next to no time and ensure your valued customers and clients continue to work with you and your facility, in a location that is familiar and as easy to get to as ever.

Industrial Mezzanine Floors

Going that extra mile

All of our flooring systems, balustrades, and staircases are designed by computer-aided design professionals with an expansive knowledge and experience in all aspects of CAD. We’ve delivered countless of industrial mezzanine floors to counter the effects of limited work and storage space and know what it takes to get the best result for any given situation.

All of the products we design, manufacture and install and done so to comply with relevant British steel structure standards. Where applicable, we can supply staff to assess fire ratings. We’d also be happy to help with any planning and permissions that may be needed. We want to make your mezzanine installation process as easy and simple as possible.

Our team can liaise with landlords and local bodies, supplying any specifications, drawings, and calculations that are required.

Industrial Flooring

Fast installation service

You know what you want so why should you wait? Business doesn’t stop and neither should you. Our installation teams aim to work to your clock. Deadlines, time frames and even when you want us to come and install your mezzanine can all be discussed before any work commences.

We want you to be able to continue as normal during installation. We try to keep disruptions to an absolute minimum. We can even carry out weekend and night time installation to leave you even more undisturbed.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements. We’d be more than happy to supply your new mezzanine.

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