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Mezzanine Flooring Industry Sectors

Here at Mezz Floors UK we have many years if experience servicing many different customers in various business sectors. Please make a selection from the options below to find out more about the industries we have worked in the past.

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Experienced Experts in Mezzanine Flooring

We’ve been designing, manufacturing and installing mezzanine flooring for many years now and have provided businesses in a wide variety of industry sectors. From retail and commercial to warehousing and industrial, Mezz Floors UK has helped get an adequate amount of room in the workplace.

Of course, these aren’t the only uses. Manufacturing setups and offices are able to grow and expand quickly and easily. As long as there is sufficient overhead space, there aren’t many companies in any sector that can’t benefit from installing one of these floors.

Why Choose a Mezzanine?

Mezzanine flooring offers a range of benefits. Most companies approach us looking to acquire extra space and this is the primary reason for sourcing a new floor. As our products are custom made, bespoke creations, they are specifically designed to coincide with your exact specifications and requirements.

In some cases, you may be able to attain as much as double the amount of space you already have. Providing your premises has the right components in place, you can essentially make as much room as you like. All of this comes at a much cheaper cost than finding new property with similar capacity.

There is no increased rent or other monthly bills. Just the cost of the floor and installation comes into play with no further charges.

Stay as You Are

One of the key advantages of mezzanine flooring is that businesses can stay in their current setup. Relocating can sometimes be a little risky in terms of retaining customers and gaining new ones, especially if you rely on footfall to drive your company.

Moving out of the vicinity where you’re known and into one where you perhaps aren’t can sometimes be like starting from scratch. There’s a chance that you won’t be profitable in your new location where you have no reputation.

Getting around this issue is swiftly taken care of meaning you are free to concentrate on the clients that have contributed to your success.

Super-Fast Installation

Mezz Floors UK and our team of highly proficient installation professionals can erect your mezzanine flooring at a rate of up to 60m2 per day. Even if you are after a structure that is fairly sizeable, you won’t be waiting around for months for the job to be completed.

Especially when you consider that seeking new premises can last weeks, months and even years, installing a mezzanine is by far the quickest way to obtain additional area.

As it’s been tailored to your business, you can be sure that is highly suitable and not something thrown together for the sake of getting it up as quickly as possible.

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If you’re looking for mezzanine flooring for your company, please get in touch with us today. Whether it’s a retail, commercial, warehouse, manufacturing or office environment, we can provide the perfect solution.


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