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When working in a warehouse, safety is paramount. Dangerous machinery, objects on high shelves and staff walking around – it’s a recipe for disaster if things aren’t tidy. The tidiness of your warehouse is directly related to the safety of the environment and your employees, so it is essential that you get this right. Tidiness also gives the impression of a well-functioning and organised warehouse. We have supplied mezzanines to several warehouses and we know important tidiness is. Here are some tips on how to keep your warehouse clean.

Practice sensible stacking

Warehouses are places where stacking is prevalent, so make sure it’s done right. Sensible and safe stacking will ensure that space is used more efficiently and in a way that reduces risk of accidents. There are plenty of racking and shelving options for you to buy for your warehouse which are designed with space efficiency in mind. Make sure that you only stack objects on other objects that can take their weight. Keep walkways clear of things that could be stacked on shelves instead.

Label and organise objects

If you make sure that everyone knows where certain stock and equipment is meant to be stored, then it will be easier to keep things tidy. Proper labelling will ensure that your staff knows exactly what each thing is and will make finding and storing things a much quicker process.

Tidy as you go

The best way to ensure that rubbish does not pile up is to insist that your employees clean as they go. Anytime that stock or products are opened up in the warehouse, makes sure that packaging is thrown away instantly to avoid any trips or slips. Make tidy as you go an official policy and ensure that tasks are not considered complete until everything has been cleared up.

Make cleaning equipment available

Employees are more likely to clean up messes and put things in the bin if they can do so quickly and easily. Ensure that no matter where you are in the warehouse, a bin is readily accessible and make sure that employees know where brooms and other cleaning equipment is stored.

Use a cleaning rota

Cleaning isn’t everyone’s favourite job, but you can ensure that everyone does their fair share by coming up with a cleaning rota. For example, each day could have a different employee who is tasked with being a cleaning monitor for the warehouse. Or maybe several employees could be the cleaning monitors for certain areas. Enforce it fairly and everyone will be happy.

Do regular inventory checks

Have you got have unsold stock using up space in your warehouse, still there after several months? Do regular checks of your inventory to clear out anything that’s not going to be sold and you can free up more space on your shelves for useful things. Any extra space is space you can use to keep things off the floor.

Keeping your warehouse clean is the key to a smooth operation with minimal accidents. As well as ensuring a safe environment, it also allows for greater efficiency and creates a professional-looking warehouse