Mansion House Bedding Company

Mansion House Bedding Company

Case Study: Mansion House Bedding Company

Mansion House Bedding Company chose us to supply, deliver and install their new warehouse storage mezzanine floor, which was 43 metres x 15 metres. This Ipswich-based company is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of beds and mattresses, so we were very pleased to be able to work with them to expand the storage capacity of their warehouse.


What the job involved

Working very closely with the client, we came up with a design that was best suited to their day-to-day factory requirements and that would be the most cost-effective. We always take the time to consult our clients to make sure that we’re all on the same page before we sign anything off and get started. We created large bays (7.5 metre beams and 7 metre joists), two general access staircases, one counterbalance pallet gate for loading and unloading the mezzanine floor, and balustrade edge protection to any exposed edges.

The key element on this project was in the pre-installation design work, to ensure that we could provide the required working areas for the client. We are renowned for the care and thought we put into each and every project, and we don’t just treat every project the same. Collaboration and teamwork are the keys to a project’s success.

Due to the size of the mezzanine floor, we had to provide a one hour fire rating to the underside. This means that this floor will withstand a standard fire for up to one hour – it’s absolutely crucial for mezzanine floors to be tough and resistant, to avoid collapsing. This fire rating was achieved by installing a suspended ceiling, fascia and column cases. We will never declare a project finished until we’re certain that it’s as safe as it can possibly be. Furthermore, as an extra provision, smoke detection was installed to ensure that employees will have advanced warning when a fire has started.


Convenient and non-disruptive

We always take care to be as unobtrusive as possible, in order to ensure that the business doesn’t miss out on any working hours, unnecessarily. We find that clients value this immeasurably. For Mansion House Bedding Company, all of this had to be installed at nighttime, to fit in with the busy workshop they had, and we were happy to oblige. We were able to install it in just four weeks using our experienced team of installers. Furthermore, this was all within the client’s budget.


Quality and customer experience

Mezz Floors UK were chosen based on previous experience with the client. Having worked together on their last mezzanine projects, Mansion House Bedding were happy in the knowledge that Mezz Floors UK had the expertise to provide a turnkey solution. We will always thoroughly plan any project we become involved with, regularly consulting with clients to guarantee that everyone is in agreement and that the client is happy with the budget, schedule and quality of the floor.

We have built our business on providing a quality service, with friendly staff, that will keep clients coming back again and again. Mezz Floors UK often have clients returning time and time again, which we pride ourselves on. Take a look at the gallery below to see for yourselves the successful completion of this mezzanine floor.

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