Mezzanine Decking

To wonderfully complement our bespoke flooring systems, Mezz Floors UK can offer a stunning variety of mezzanine decking choices. Whatever your company’s style or your own personal preference, we’ve got the perfect option to enhance your interior arrangement and décor.


Our tremendous choice of options offers a multitude of styles and choices to help you get the look you want. Through planning and your input, we can get you set up with exactly what you want or need.

Choice of Quality Materials

Here at Mezz Floors UK. We have a great deal of experience in working with a wide range of mezzanine decking systems. That means that whatever your chosen arrangement, you can be sure that you are getting quality as standard.


The standard 38mm high-density particle chipboard is offered with optional moisture resistant properties, wear resistance and a non-slip surface. This is the most common board to use and it combines toughness and durability with a great finish.


Other materials that can be used include hot-rolled durbar floor plate. This ultra-tough material showcases the classic steel look and is mainly reserved for heavy duty floors or those to be used outdoors. It is commonly seen in industrial environments.


Flow forge gratings are ideal for outdoor use or areas where pallet trucks are not used. The grate like foundations of this mezzanine decking makes for a reliable and effective surface that more than makes up for its perhaps not so pretty appearance.


Both durbar and forge welded gratings can be galvanized for outdoor application, essentially making them even more durable and reliable.


A Helping Hand

As which type of mezzanine decking you go for will depend on a lot of factors, there is a whole world of opportunity when it comes to crafting your flooring system.


Whether you’re creating an office and need a deck to support the aesthetic charm of the building, storing heavy objects and need a reinforced material to provide sufficient assistance or anything else, your floor will be perfectly finished with the right decking.


As experts in this area, Mezz Floors UK would be more than happy to help. Please feel free to contact us and we can talk you through anything you’re having trouble with. From mezzanine decking suitability to which materials look best, we’ve got you covered.

Right from the Start

Of course, the whole process begins at the design stage of your floor. Working closely with you, our design team members listen to your requirements and go about drafting a solution to match. Everything from the use to the aesthetic of the floor is taken into account.


Our team of computer-aided design engineers will produce a prototype based on all of the factors involved and present it to you before any manufacturing begins. This will allow you to fully assess the proposed mezzanine decking alongside the floor in its entirety.


If for any reason you need to make changes or adjustments to the design, you can do so. We are on your side and aim to ensure you get nothing but exactly what you want and need.


Examples of our Decking Systems

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