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Mezzanine Flooring Services

Here at Mezz Floors UK we specialise in the manufacture, design and installation of high-quality mezzanine flooring systems for commercial, industrial and retail sectors.

We’ve been around the block a fair few times and have many years of experience in the design and manufacture of the perfect floor. We have provided mezzanine solutions for some of the UK’s most prominent businesses, unlocking potentially wasted space in their offices, warehouses, and premises. It offends us to see such large areas of wasted air, because we believe that all warehouse, retail and office space should be used as efficiently as possible. For small businesses, you should be looking to maximise the space you’ve got available to you.

Mezzanine floors can completely transform a building, offering a whole new canvas of space to play with, whether you want a stylish area to relax in your office, an extra storage place for products, or an expansion of your shop floor. At Mezz Floors UK, we love it when a client is pleased with the work that we’ve done – quality and care are our assurances to you, and every single other client we work with.

Our team is made up of experts on mezzanine flooring in a range of different sectors, and they’re all passionate about the work we do for our clients. We pride ourselves on our friendliness and our strong focus on collaboration with clients – we believe that openness and transparency are the keys to a successful project.

Our Mezzanine flooring services are available throughout the entire UK. Below is a short list of our services, please contact us today to see what we can offer you and how we can help unlock that wasted space in your building.

Mezzanine Balustrade

Our Services

  • 3D computer-aided design (CAD) model drawings. CAD assists in the creation, modification, analysis, and optimisation of the mezzanine floors; this helps improve the quality of the design.
  • Site assessment. We’ll always make sure that we’ve accurately mapped out the area before we start designing our solution.
  • Structural calculations. Nothing is going to be built until we ascertain the structural capacity of the your building. Safety is paramount.
  • Application of building regulations. We are extremely familiar with all of the latest government regulations.
  • Steelwork drawings for manufacture of mezzanine floor. We will refer to these when we start building the floor, but we’ll check the drawings with you before starting anything.
  • Fire rating of mezzanine floor (if required by building regulations).
  • Health and safety paperwork.
  • Site management
  • Organisation of plant hire.

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