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One of our most frequently asked questions here at Mezz Floors UK is: do you need planning permission for a mezzanine floor? It’s a very valid question, because planning permission can delay the production process, so this is key information if you are looking for a fairly quick solution to your storage issues. It also adds some expense due to fees, architect drawings etc. In this post we explain all when it comes to planning permission and mezzanine floors.

In Most Cases: No, You Don’t Need Planning Permission

In our experience, you usually don’t need to obtain planning permission if you are looking to have a mezzanine floor installed. This is because a mezzanine floor is contained within your existing property, so will not make a visual impact on your neighbours. In addition, it doesn’t require any structural changes to be made to the existing building—we just slot it in to what is already there.

This makes a mezzanine floor a fantastic, swift solution if you are looking to maximise and add to the space in your building but are keen to avoid the hassle and expense of lengthy planning permission processes, which can involve complaints, appeals and all sorts of other issues.

The Exception: Shared Parking Facilities

There is an exception to the above. It’s a bit of a legal anomaly, and if you’re unsure whether it affects you, the team at Mezz will of course be happy to advise. If your parking facilities belong to the council, or if you use shared parking facilities belonging to the council, then you will need to obtain planning permission to have a mezzanine floor installed. However, with years of experience in designing and constructing mezzanine floors, we at Mezz Floors will be able to offer you information and support on how to proceed.

Other Factors to Bear in Mind

  • Landlords:if you are renting your business premises, then you will require written approval from your landlord in order for mezzanine construction to go ahead.
  • Building regulations: although you probably won’t need planning permission, you will require building regulation approval for your mezzanine floor. At Mezz Floors we know building regulations inside out so will make sure our designs conform. And if needed, we can also make the building regs application on your behalf.
  • Fire rating:if your mezzanine floor is larger than 400m2, takes up over 50% of the room it is being installed in, will have more than 3 people working on it at any one time or will be used for other purposes than storage (e.g. offices/workspace), then you will require a one hour fire rating. If this is the case, Mezz Floors can provide staff to carry this out.

If you would like to speak to us about a potential mezzanine floor project or have any additional questions, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our expert team has years of experience in successfully designing and implementing mezzanines for a range of clients, so we will be happy to help. Call us today on 01440 268 411 or email sales@mezzuk.co.uk.