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As the global high-street enters crisis mode, retailers rush to find a solution to declining sales. Here at Mezz Floors we explore how mezzanine flooring could be the answer, and provide all the information you need to help you update your business with a mezzanine.

Wait, why does the high-street need saving?

Since the birth of the internet, the world of retail has changed unrecognisably. Shoppers have gradually swapped shopping baskets for smartphones, flocking online to buy their products and ditching the old-fashioned store. This has left the traditional high-street asking where their customers have gone, and more importantly how they can get them back. With the ease and convenience of online shopping surpassing anything that the in-store environment can offer, people are beginning to ask if the high-street even has a place at all in the modern world?

So, what does the future of retail look like?

As the number of in-store sales has declined, brands have had to adapt in order to encourage their consumers to come back through their doors. Recent years have seen high-end brands reimagining their in-store environments and revolutionising what a shop floor has to look like. With the physicality of shops taking on greater precedence, brands are keen to maximise the space they have and mezzanine floors could play a key role in this. The recently launched Etude House flagship store in Seoul is designed like a funhouse spread over 3 floors of interactive play, showcasing the possibilities that adding extra levels can provide. While at a more high-street level innovative shopping centre, Victoria Leeds, has received rave reviews from fashion insiders thanks to a number of its stores, including Anthropologie and And Other Stories, containing extra mezzanine floors for the customer to explore.

Why mezzanine floors could be the answer

If it weren’t enough that mezzanine flooring provides the opportunity to expand and reinvent space, it also has the potential to help brands connect with future consumers. And the consumer everyone is trying to connect with right now? Generation Z. They may still just be teenagers but this group of people, likened to the teens of the 60s, are already incredibly influential. Numerous surveys have shown that this demographic particularly value experience over material goods, so creating an engaging instore environment could provide the perfect opportunity to connect with them. For these digital natives, a shop which is attractive is also immediately sharable on social media, so adding an ‘Instagrammable’ mezzanine level to your store could result in free marketing for your brand.

Not only this, but the industrial feel that a mezzanine offers can help your business to stay on trend. Balon Tre is a recently opened small salon designed like a studio space in Chiba, Japan. The possibilities that mezzanine flooring provides for your business are endless, but using it to create a modern apartment-style feel is just the latest way to demonstrate your dedication to trends.

As brands continue to push the boundaries of what a shop floor can look like, mezzanines are the perfect progression. For stores just starting out they also offer an affordable way to maximise space without spending the big bucks, and for those worried about losing customers to the internet they provide an interactive shopping experience.

As is clear from the examples of our work, here at Mezz Floor we are at the forefront of innovation when it comes to providing mezzanine floors in retail environments, whilst still prioritising competitive price points. To discuss how a mezzanine floor could work for your instore environment and help your business flourish, contact a member of our friendly team on 01440 268 411 or at sales@mezzuk.co.uk. If you would like to get a quote for a mezzanine floor, then you can fill out our online quotation form.