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Mezzanine Handrail Systems

For the purposes of health and safety, edge protection is required for mezzanine floors. This applies to all exposed sides of the flooring and is usually achieved with mezzanine handrail systems.


Mezz Floors UK offers practical and bespoke edge protection options applicable to each specific and individual development. Our products are designed and manufactured in accordance with British Standards and Building Regulations approved document K.

The Strictest Protection

Offering uncompromising safety, mezzanine handrail systems are the ideal way to enhance safety. The comprehensive security features result in a solid and dependable product that provides everything you need.


Completely compliant with guidelines and regulations, handrails manufactured by Mezz Floors UK are guaranteed to provide the pinnacle in safety. With one of these products implemented with your floor, you needn’t worry about any aspect of protection.


Incredible Products

Here at Mezz Floors UK, we want to ensure that you get so much more than ‘basic’. Everything that we manufacture has been crafted with an eye on giving the absolute best. In most cases, this involves assessing your demands and creating tailor-made handrails suited to your floor.


Our standard industrial mezzanine handrail systems provide a practical and immaculate solution. Included within the product is both the rail and kick plate. The rails are galvanized, posts are powder-coated and kick plates are MDF panes.


All of this adds up to an amazingly long-lasting finish and an incredible look with beautiful detail. We can also provide mesh panels to prevent small items from falling.

Feature Handrails

Constructed using the highest quality stainless steel, our team can create highly eye-catching rails that feel a whole lot more like a luxury than an obligation. Ideally suited to retail, office and other locations where aesthetic appeal is vital, feature mezzanine handrails can enhance décor and interior design.


Perfectly able to match or contrast existing or proposed design schemes, the only limitations are the ones that you impose yourself. If you want a stunning rail that leaves visitors in awe or just essential safety measures, everything from the most fundamental to the majestic is possible.


Exactly How You Want It

During the design process of your floor, our team will discuss mezzanine handrail systems with you. Taking into account the things you need, such as design, style and protection, our knowledgeable engineers will determine the optimal solution for you and your business.


Bespoke creations can be manufactured in line with the look of your new floor. Our CAD team produce a prototype, showcasing exactly how your floor and handrail will look. You can be rest assured that your products will look exactly how you want them to without waiting for some kind of big reveal at the end of the project.

A Leading Provider

As one of the nation’s leading suppliers of mezzanines, Mezz Floors UK has a wealth of experience in all manner of rails for all types of businesses.


We know what works and appreciate that getting this right is an absolute must. Get in touch with us today for more information or a free, no obligation quote. Our experts are on hand via phone, email or contact form and are ready to help.

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