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Here at Mezz Floors UK we specialise in the manufacture of mezzanine flooring systems, we install our systems once they have been designed and built.

How do we make sure our mezzanines meet the latest safety standards and relevant building regulations? Quite simply we use state of the art computer software to help bring our client’s projects to life, Computer Aided Design (CAD) helps us to design and develop our mezzanine floors from concept through to the actual manufacturing, making the installation much easier.

The Design Process


CAD drawings need to convey the technical aspects of the flooring system, the dimensions of the floors, the stress tolerances and even the materials the flooring is made from. This information is gathered from initial surveys of our clients building where measurements are taken. We also discuss the use of the flooring system, what is going to be stored and whether there needs to be any safeguards put in place for fire protection. At this stage wee also discuss the access to the flooring, how many staircases are required or if there are any specific requirements for pallet gates etc.

With this information our design team can produce a range of different drawings and computer based prototypes, wire-frame models of the mezzanine are produced within our software. We are able to produce a number of different options on the design and layout of the flooring. Once we have these prototypes we sit down with our client and discuss each option, finally settling on a chosen design.

The Manufacturing

Once we have a working prototype mezzanine system designed and wire-framed we move onto the manufacturing of our flooring. The specifications, which have been set out and agreed are given to our team of highly skilled steel fabricators who create the finished flooring. Following the manufacturing process we perform quality checks on all our steelwork to ensure our systems are of the highest quality, and pass all safety regulations.

The Benefits of Using CAD

The benefits of designing our mezzanine flooring systems with computer aided design software are:

  • Speed – The design process is much faster
  • See it before your build it – The ability to visualise the flooring system before the manufacturing is a huge bonus, helping our clients to see the flooring before signing the designs off.
  • Improved drawing quality – The quality of the drawing produced by the computer software is extremely high, better drawings makes manufacturing much easier.
  • Easier storage & back-up – Computer drawings are much easier to store than old paper based drawings, multiple copies of the drawings can be saved minimising drawings and specifications getting lost.
  • Improved accuracy– Computer drawings are much more accurate with their measurements than older traditional “technical drawings”.
  • Easier to adapt – If changed are needed, it is much faster and simpler to make a change to a computer aided design drawing. Simply edit the design in the software, save it and print the new drawings.
  • Easy sharing – The drawings can easily be shared between our clients and ourselves, they can be emailed in digital format to our clients. Making the design process much simpler and straightforward.


CAD software has transformed many different manufacturing industries, it has enabled us to visually represent a new mezzanine flooring system to help our clients understand what the finished product will look like. It has made the manufacturing of our mezzanines much simpler, much more accurate and enables us to provide a much higher quality system than some of our competitors.