Mezzanine Manufacturers

Mezz Floors UK is one of the leading mezzanine floor manufacturers in the UK. We offer tailor-made design, manufacturing and installation services to fit our customers’ needs. We are committed to being honest, efficient and reliable with the services we offer and that is why our service is one of the best available on the market today.


Our own fully equipped factory, allows us to manufacture every one of our mezzanine floors to the highest of UK standards for safety and materials. We have an extensive range of experts on board with us including surveyors, CAD designers, contract managers and installation teams. And with their years of experience we can guarantee that every project is a success. Our clients can be confident that their floor will be handled professionally by people who know exactly how to achieve the optimum results.

The process

At Mezz Floors UK we see your project through from design to installation, ensuring that each step is handled with care and expertise. Below is a selection of the services you can expect as we guide you through the process.


  • Area assessment
  • Computer Aided Design
  • 3D previews of the proposed work
  • Personalised adjustments
  • Incorporation of quality, high-strength materials
  • Range of mezzanine decking to choose from
  • Designed to BS 5950 industry recognised standards for structural use of steelwork in building
  • Working around your time frame
  • Keeping to budgets
  • Finishing touches such as feature staircases and beams
Female worker on the building site. Beautiful young woman holding blueprints. House construction.
worker in uniform showing his boss the plan of factory

A Truly Unique Product

As mezzanine floor manufacturers with years of experience, we understand that each business’ needs are completely unique. That is why we offer an entirely personalised experience for each client. Having fitted additional flooring in a range of sectors from retail to industrial we are flexible enough to work to your needs and leave you with a product which is perfect for you. Each system is bespoke and designed with the client’s specific requirements in mind, guaranteeing customer satisfaction every time.


And it’s not just your business which is unique, we know that no two workspaces are the same so tailor every design to your building’s specifications. There is no generic template with Mezz Floors, we have worked around every kind of possible difficulty from unmovable boilers to limited access points. So, if you think your space won’t be suitable for a mezzanine, get in touch to see how we could help make it possible.


Whatever your needs, Mezz Floors UK has the answer. Please do not hesitate to contact us and find out just how mezzanine flooring could benefit you. One of our highly experienced members of staff will be able to advise you and talk you through our entire process.


You can reach us by calling 01440 268 411 and we will give you a quote, absolutely free of charge! Why wait? In almost no time at all, your business could have expanded its space without the hassle or the cost thanks to Mezz Floors UK.

Contact us today for your free quotation.