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Mezzanine Manufacturers

Mezz Floors UK is one of the leading mezzanine floor manufacturers in the UK. We offer tailor-made design, manufacturing and installation services to our customers. We are committed to being honest, efficient and reliable with the services we offer and as a result, we believe our service is one of the best available on the market today.

By having our own fully equipped factory, we can manufacture all of our mezzanine floors to the highest of UK standards for safety and materials. We have an extensive range of experts on board with us including surveyors, CAD designers and fabricators, contract managers and installation teams. Their years of experience lends itself to our success with each project being able to be completed efficiently and in a highly professional manner.

Our clients can be confident that their floor will be handled professionally by people who know exactly how to achieve the optimum results.

Mezzanine Manufacturers

Designing and manufacturing mezzanines

Before our team can get started on bringing your new floor to life, it has to first be designed. Our design team uses the very best in technology on the market. Modernised hardware and software allows for the most convenient of 3D previews. This means that you can see exactly what you’re getting and suggest tweaks or adjustments before any manufacture begins.

Find out how CAD software helps with the design of our flooring.

Your floor will be a standalone structure, requiring no connection to your existing building and can be supplied in either the traditional braced or unbraced design. Our flooring systems incorporate high strength main beams and inset with cleats. This is supported on column and baseplate stanchions and fixed into the concrete slab.

38mm chipboard is used by our mezzanine floor manufacturers as the basic floorboard material. We do, however, also supply a wide range of alternative mezzanine decking materials for you to choose from.

Each and every floor created by Mezz Floors UK is designed to BS 5950 industry recognised standards for Structural use of steelwork in building. They are adaptable and innovative which provide our clients with a competitive edge over alternative mezzanine systems available in the marketplace.

A truly unique product

As mezzanine floor manufacturers, we understand and appreciate that different businesses require flooring systems of different sizes varying uses. For example, an office would use a system in a completely different way than a warehouse.

With that being said, each system is bespoke and designed with the client’s specific requirements in mind. As every building, company ad function is unique, so are our flooring solutions. You only get exactly what you need instead of a generic cookie cutter template.

Whatever your needs and intentions, Mezz Floors UK has the answer. Contact us today to speak to us. One of our highly experienced members of staff will be able to guide you through our process and ensure that even the finest of detail is met with satisfaction.

You can reach us by calling 01440 268 411. We’ll give you a quote, absolutely free of charge. In almost no time at all, your business will have access to the space you need, all thanks to our effective service.

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