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To enable us to accurately cost for deliveries and installation team travel expenses.

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Mezzanine Footprint?

Length and width of area required to be covered by the mezzanine. Figures Based On A Standard Rectangular Shape Mezzanine, Please Use The Notes Section To Tell Us should You Require An Alternative Layout (‘L’ Shape ETC..)

Length(m)Width(m)Finished Floor Height(m)
Mezzanine Usage?

A Mezzanine’s Imposed Loading Can Vary Dependant Upon Its Usage. Example: An Imposed Loading Of 4.8 kN Per M² Means That The Maximum Weight Load Achievable Would Be 480kg Per M².

Staircases Required?

Utility Stair - A stair used for escape, access for maintenance, or purposes other than the usual route for moving between levels on a day to day basis. (Approved Document K Compliant)
General Access Stair - A stair intended for all users of a building on a day to day basis, as a normal route between levels. (Approved Document K Compliant)
Ambulant/Disabled Access Stair - Mostly required when offices or a permanent place of work is on top of the mezzanine. (Approved Document M)

Utility StairGeneral Access StairAmbulant/Disabled Access Stair

Utility Stair - Maximum 16 No. Risers @ 190mm before a landing.
General Access Stair - Maximum 12 No Risers @ 190mm Before A Landing
Ambulant/Disabled Access Stair - Maximum 12 No Risers @ 170mm Before A Landing.
Single Mid Landing - A Landing Which Leads Either Straight On Or Turns 90 Degrees.
Double Mid Landing - A Landing On Which The User Would Turn Through 180 Degrees.
Top Landing - A Landing Which Would Be Required For The Staircase To Run Parallel With The Mezzanine Floor.

Single Mid
Double Mid
Exposed Perimeter
Protection And Gates

Handrail And Kicker - Warehouse Style Balustrade C/W A Wooden Toe Board.
Handrail - Warehouse Style Balustrade.
Pallet Gates - Providing An Industry Approved Loading Solution From Ground Floor To Mezzanine Level.
Load Zone Plate - A Durbar Plate To Protect The Mezzanine Flooring In The Loading Area.

Handrail &
HandrailPallet GatesLoad Zone
Plate (Unit)
Fire Protection?

Provides a 1 Hour Fire Rating To The Mezzanine.
Required When:
The Mezzanine Occupies Over 50% Of the Total Floor Space Of The Building
The Mezzanine Exceeds 400 M²
More Than 3 People Will Be Working Continuously At Mezzanine Level At Any One Time
Mezzanine Usage Other Than Storage

FasciaCavity Barrier
Plant Hire?

Our Installers Are All Certified In the Usage Of Counterbalance Forklift Trucks And Scissor Lifts.
If Plant Is Already Available For Us To Use On Site, This Will Lower The Cost Of Installation.

Fork Lift?
Scissor Lift?
Skip Hire?

For The Removal Of Any Waste Materials And Site Debris Once Installation Complete.

Building Regs
(Excluding LA fees)

Required When:
People Will Be Working Continuously At Mezzanine Level
A Mezzanine For Retail Usage Which Exceeds 200 M²

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