Mezzanine Staircases

As well as the mezzanine itself, Mezz Floors UK supplies a wide range of accessories to complete your newest feature. We offer a wide range of mezzanine staircases to perfectly complement our flooring solutions. A new mezzanine floor is no good if you have no access to it.


A staircase must be durable, safe and must match the room’s aesthetic. Mezz Floors UK can supply a whole scope of different staircases, from feature to amenity. Our team will assess exactly what you need and suggest the right type of steps to suit your business and building.

Comprehensive Range to Choose From

Our selection of staircases will meet your structural, aesthetic and access requirements.


    • Feature: Make an impact. These aesthetically pleasing features are used to make a statement. They, of course, remain functional and fit for purpose but the focus here is on how they will enhance the look of a room.


These are perfect for retail and commercial environments, where appearance counts for so much. Offices, receptions and foyers will all benefit from the addition of one of these. They are designed to match a floor and surroundings. That usually entails specifically designing all parts of the structure side by side.


    • Part K general access: These are mainly used for industrial floors, offering easy access and escape. We can comfortably integrate top and middle landings, balustrade or wall-rails to meet your requirements and still comply with building regulations.


These are offered painted or with a powder coated finish. If you are having an external escape staircase, we highly recommend that you go with the galvanised option to improve weather-resistance and raise the quality even further.


    • Ambulant: These are required because of Part M of the Building Regulations Act. This section concerns access to and use of the building for disabled access. These guidelines mean that this type of mezzanine staircase should have lower step rises and wider treads and risers, as well as being fully enclosed to prevent accidents.


Depending on the height of your flooring solution, a landing may be needed to accompany the steps. This will be discussed with you during the planning stage of development.


Feature Staircases


General Access Staircase


Ambulant/Disabled Access Stair


Bespoke Service

Our team is made up of expert designers, builders and installers, all committed to the successful completion of the project. Our design team uses CAD to come up with an accurate representation of the final product to present to the client, in full 3D. This is an excellent way of planning because it lets us draw up plans which the client can then review, to ensure they are happy with the proposed design. This ensures that the building team can go ahead with an entirely accurate plan that everyone is happy with.


Normally, the all parts of the structure are constructed simultaneously and are installed at the same time, meaning you can start using both as soon as they’re ready. Our installers will work out a schedule that is convenient for your business – they can even work in evenings or on weekends to ensure minimal disruption to your day-to-day workings. Our service works around you and we tailor our products to your exact specifications, providing plenty of opportunities for you to input ideas and concerns.

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Check out some of our previous work. No matter how you are planning on using your floor, whether you need to add grandeur or simply to provide access, we can help. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. We will happily talk you through anything you want to know and help you get exactly what you need.


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