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For many businesses, there comes a time when current premises are no longer suitable. Arguably the most common reason for this is an upturn in the business resulting in the need to source more space to complete everyday operations.

A lack of space to efficiently carry out tasks can result in serious repercussions with missed deadlines, disorganised practices and staff getting in each other’s way a real possibility. This means that making the correct plan of action must be done precisely and relatively quickly.

The two main solutions for such scenarios are usually relocating or looking into mezzanine floors. If you’re not sure which of the two would be best suited for your company, comparing the key benefits and the needs of your organisation can help you make the right decision.


The main aim of almost all businesses is to make money. Part of the money making process also involves not wasting it and when it comes to finding more room, there’s going to be some sort of expenditure in most cases.

The outlay required for mezzanine floors is the physical price of the unit and the steps involved with design, manufacture and installation. After that, there’s nothing to pay at any point over time meaning you’ll get everything you need in one payment.

Relocating carries fairly obvious costs such as increased rent and council tax on top of legal fees and removal costs, which can vary dramatically for every instance. Whilst some are one-off charges, others are ongoing expenses which will undoubtedly add up to a much higher cost than a mezzanine alternative. On the other hand, if you have the budget and want a complete new change of scenery, moving premises is just about the only way to achieve this.


A new floor and a new building can both provide more space for your business and knowing how much you need is essential.

Of course a physical building will be of a set area usually meaning that what you see is what exactly what you get. You could probably alter the walls of the premises to give more or less room but it isn’t entirely practical.

A flooring system will give you the control. A bespoke creation lets you dictate how much additional capacity you’d like – granted you have sufficient overhead room. There’s scope to acquire as much as double your current workspace at a much reduced rate compared to gaining similar area in new premises.


Getting turnaround time to be as little as possible is a very important aspect no matter what kind of transitional period a company may be in. This is perhaps most important when it comes to any downtime that may arise as a result of analysing premises.

Finding the ideal building is not always the quickest development as the perfect location or setup won’t always be on the market and if you need something very specific, you could be waiting a while.

Design, manufacture and installation of mezzanine floors can be completed in under a month in most cases. Once you’ve decided on a design, it can be ready to be installed in a couple of weeks and erected at a rate of around 60m2 a day meaning even the biggest of projects are fairly swift.

Finding the Perfect Answer

Whilst relocating can undeniably breathe new life into your business, mezzanine floors have become a genuine alternative thanks to their lower costs and downtime.

Mezz Floors UK offers solutions for many sectors and purposes meaning whatever the nature of your business, we can help get you the best outcome if you decide that mezzanine floors can benefit your company.