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Office Mezzanine Floors

You want to expand your workforce, but your employees are already elbow to elbow, as it is. This means that you’re going to need to find more workspace, but you don’t want the hassle of moving premises. A mezzanine floor from Mezz Floors UK is an excellent option to expand the space in your office without breaking the bank or spending time looking for a new place.

In addition, office-based businesses are beginning to see the aesthetic appeal of a high-quality, bespoke mezzanine floor. Introduce an eye-catching new feature into your building while also creating more space for you to play with.

Bespoke mezzanine floors

Our designers will come up with a mezzanine that fits both your exact size specifications and the décor of your office. Light and airy, modern or minimalist and functional – whatever the theme of your office, our team will work with you to create something you will be proud to have in your office.

You can achieve a modern and contemporary look and feel thanks to our wonderful design packages, complete with a range finishes available. These finishes come in a wide range of colour options too, so whatever your company branding or design scheme, our floors are suitable for any office.

The versatility and affordability of our office mezzanine floors, combined with our incredible range of stunning finishes and materials, make our products a must-have if your workspace is limited. Whether you’re looking to create an open plan office or need individual cubicles or enclosed spaces, we have the right expertise for the job. Our design team have created numerous bespoke floors and can do the same for you.

Office Mezzanine Flooring

Efficient use of space

Businesses with unused overhead space often wonder how best to utilise it. The team at Mezz Floors UK has dedicated itself to providing stylish and robust solutions to the this question.

With one or even two mezzanine floors installed in the empty area, you will have so much more space to make use of. Install more workstations for new employees, build a cafeteria or lunchroom for your employees to eat in, or use the space for more meeting rooms. With more space, the choice is yours.

With office space at a premium, installing a mezzanine will save you a large amount of money over relocating to bigger premises. Remaining in the same building will prove so much less of a hassle than moving offices. Sourcing a new building takes time, planning and effort to pull of well, to ensure that employees are happy and the businesses continues to thrive.

An expert team

All of our products are designed by our highly skilled and experienced CAD operators. Their knowledge, expertise and commitment results in a high-quality floor every time. Our stainless steel, glass or powder-coated balustrades and staircases add a finishing touch of class, giving you the best-looking and most practical solution.

Once your new floor has been designed and manufactured, our project managed installation teams can get to work and implement them within your workspace. We pride ourselves on our convenient installation service, which works around your schedule. Our floors also adhere to all building regulations.

Our fast installation service reduces downtime to a minimum. Also, we appreciate your office is needed most of the day and so we are happy to arrange night time or weekend installations .

Get in touch with us today to see exactly how you could benefit from a mezzanine in your office. Call us on 01440 268 411 or send us an email.

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