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Office space is something that a fair few businesses take for granted. They’ve gone through all of the effort to move into a nice building and there’s plenty of room for everybody to go about their work in an effective and efficient manner.

That may be all well and good for the time being, but as countless companies before them have realised, success yields a need for more staff and a need for more staff requires more office space.

Of course, your business is aiming for success and the need for more room is evidence of progress. You could always look for bigger premises but that’s going to set you back a fair bit of money. Instead, if you have sufficient unused overhead space, you could stay exactly where you are at a fraction of the price with the help of office mezzanine floors.

Office Mezzanine Floors vs. Relocating to New Offices

When it comes to comparing office mezzanine floors and relocating, there are a number of key advantages that can benefit your business operations without having to move.

Cost Effectiveness

One of the most impressive aspects of office mezzanine floors is that they negate many of the added costs that accompany relocation.

There are quite a few costs that are involved in moving to a bigger site. There’s potentially fees for estate agents, council tax and rent, all of which are non-existent with a mezzanine. You only pay production and installation costs and after that no more.

Reduced Downtime

Time taken to move to a new building is time taken away from business activities. The time taken to find the perfect new premises, sort relevant paperwork, wait for lease times, pack, transport and unpack equipment and tools can end up taking months to complete.

Office mezzanine floors are ready for installation in a few short weeks and up to 60m2 can be installed a day, making the whole process quick and pain free. It can even be erected out of work hours for greater convenience.

Efficient Workspace

The size of any potential new building is ultimately going to be determined by your budget. With escalating rental prices, your budget may not be sufficient to get a decent amount of extra room without exceeding allocations.

Office mezzanine floors can really open up your workspace. In some cases, you could potentially double the amount of space you have by making use of previously unused overhead room without having to pay more than necessary.

Designed for You

You are probably going to have to go through a few viewings before you identify the ideal new building to move into and you may end up in premises that aren’t completely suited to you or your offices.

A mezzanine is created with your specific needs in mind. Computer aided design (CAD) is used to create a bespoke flooring solution with features being chosen by you, ensuring the floor is exactly what you need it to be.

Mezzanines as Offices

Granted, mezzanine floors aren’t the most traditional of offices. That’s not to say though that they suffer from any stumbling blocks when trying to create an office environment.

Office Features

Most offices nowadays are high-tech spaces with lots of electrical equipment, wires and cables. Computers, phones, photocopiers and more and mainstays of modern offices and everything from broadband to phone lines can be installed on a mezzanine.

There is just about no element of office that cannot be incorporated on a stylish and aesthetically appealing structure, manufactured especially for you.

Health and Safety

All workspaces need to conform to correct and relevant health and safety regulations. As well as this, there needs to be a sufficient level of fire safety to protect those who will be working on the floor.

Office mezzanine floors can be treated with the same health and safety rules that you apply to the rest of the building. They can also be fire rated and treated with intumescent materials as well as have smoke alarms and sprinklers attached to fully comply with legislation.

Mezz Floors UK take pride in all of our office mezzanine floors and have an expert team of professionals on hand to help your business utilise untapped overhead space. Our expertise can see your company reap almost instant benefits from our services.