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While seeing a business expand rapidly can indeed be an exhilarating experience, managing it can prove to be quite challenging. Every growing business must optimise on existing space so as to accommodate demand.

Most growing businesses face the need to increase storage capacities, invest in operational assets, expand to include meeting rooms and display more stock at retail outlets. Typically, businesses look for alternative and better accommodation to solve these problems. However, this process is both laborious and time consuming.

Finding appropriate premises can prove to be significantly difficult as also expensive. Furthermore, a factory relocation or moving out of a currently convenient location is not an option for businesses, which thrive on the basis of clients and staff around the area.

A much better option than looking for alternate accommodation is to transform and optimise the current premises. For a growing business, this proves to be efficient both in terms of time and money.

Mezzanine floors can help transform existing warehouses and office space, enabling a business to accommodate growing demands in a cost effective and convenient manner.

What is Mezzanine Flooring?

Mezzanine floors are special raised platforms standing between the ceiling and floor of a building. Available in all sizes and shapes, these help optimise vertical space and can be built without any existing structural support.

Such floors are always customised to suit the specific needs of a premise. Mezzanine floors are made out of fiberglass, aluminium or steel and consist of many internal beams, columns, decks and other accessories.

The steel frame supporting a Mezzanine floor is a crucial part of the quality of flooring. The cost of flooring typically depends on the quality of engineering of the steel frames.

Automation & Handling of Materials

It is always important for businesses to optimise available space and this includes a vertical space. Adding multi-layered Mezzanine flooring can help accommodate conveyor belts and other machines in this space.

Mezzanine floors built of high-quality steel frames can easily withstand the weight of conveyor systems, allowing for efficient optimisation of space to manage, dispatch and store products.

Such mezzanine floors can also incorporate walkways, support platforms, handrails and any other requirements. They can even be coloured to match a corporate colour scheme.

Distribution and Warehousing

While more demand is a good thing for a business, excessive demand can very easily drive it to utter chaos. A case which holds quite true for warehouses and depots, during peak times, a small error in processing can lead to many problems.

Efficient organisation and optimisation of space can help resolve such issues for a distribution centre. While using up vertical space can offer better storage, organising items efficiently allows for a much more streamlined operation. This not only helps meet heavy incoming and outgoing deliveries, but it is also much more convenient for employees.

While recycling, scheduling and managing inventory can help warehouses and depots to meet heavy demands on a short-term basis, mezzanine floors present a very cost effective and permanent solution.

Retail Outlets

In retail, image is everything and outlets spend millions on branding and advertising. While other factors like cleanliness, music and lighting can help promote an outlet, nothing appeals more to consumers than a well-stocked outlet.

Mezzanine floors are an excellent option for retail outlets – they can be adapted to suit the needs of an outlet and they need no structural support to be set up in any space. Plus, they prove to be really inexpensive as compared to looking for alternate accommodation.

Any building, otherwise unsuitable for a retail outlet, can be transformed into one with the help of mezzanine floors, consisting of multiple levels of floors and fittings suitable for commercial use. This offers not only extra space for holding stock, they can also serve as dedicated areas for customer service, new departments or even a small café.

Every business should hire an experienced professional mezzanine contractor to keep disruptions and loss of earnings to a minimum.

Storage and Office

Formal business meetings are often conducted in coffee shops, hotels or other places when a business faces a lack of space. However, mezzanines can offer a great option for businesses to expand on already existing areas to include storage and office space.

With high-quality structural steel frames, these mezzanine floors can also be custom designed to match the colour scheme of a company and can be furnished to include all amenities. This allows for a much more attractive and functional work environment.

Manufacturing and Production

Mezzanine flooring is immensely popular with manufacturing and production, as it allows extra space to accommodate production and assembly lines. High quality mezzanine floors built out of steel can easily withstand heavy loads of machinery over long periods of time.

Such industries also include a large number of staff and workers operating in different shifts. The mezzanine can be used to create walkways, which can help workers travel around causing minimum disruption to work.

Installation process

Installing mezzanine floors is a relatively simple process, typically involving the following:

  • A single project manager deals with clients, right from preparing the initial quotation through to completion of installation.
  • A consultant for safety and health will oversee that all individuals adhere to established protocols.
  • Site inspections and surveys are held within a week of an order being placed.
  • Detailed engineering drawings are created after site inspection and a schedule for installation is agreed upon.
  • Once plans are approved, mezzanine floors are custom manufactured to meet requirements and delivered to the site for assembly.

Once assembled, a customer satisfaction form will be signed to complete the installation process, leaving premises completely tidy and clean.

Fire Proofing

Fire safety is an important factor that businesses must consider. Fire safety involves creating durable structures which offer safe exit and entry even when on fire and offer slow spreading of fire as well.

Fire safety can be achieved with column casing supporting suspended ceilings, enclosures to stairways, bulkheads, firewalls, sprinklers and smoke detectors.

A specialist mezzanine contractor can offer you a regulated fire rating for your mezzanine floor, based on a number of different factors.


While mezzanines usually include standard decking and beams, they can be customised to include:

  • A protection system to protect employees from falling off the edge of structures at a height.
  • Custom powder finish to offer corrosion resistance, gloss retention, and better mechanical performance.
  • Durable staircases which can be coloured to match corporate schemes.
  • All types of pallet gates, including sliding, swing and up and over safety gates.

For more information on how Mezzanine can benefit your business, please get in touch with our expert Mezzanine contractors.