Mezzanine Pallet Gates


Mezzanine Floor Pallet Safety Gates- Mezzanine Pallet Gates

At Mezz Floors UK we have had years of experience working in industrial environments to create mezzanine flooring systems which meet their needs. As such we understand the importance of being able to transport loads with ease and are proud to offer a range of pallet gates which enable you to do this. Find out how a pallet safety gate could help your business.


    • Prioritise the safety of your employees- designed with user safety as paramount, whichever pallet gate you choose, you can rest assured your staff will be safe using it.
    • Lift products with ease- a must for any industrial workplace with a mezzanine floor, experience how a pallet gate turns an arduous job into a simple one, quickly delivering loads to your mezzanine floor.
    • Design ensures users stays behind a rail- for added peace of mind, the gate’s design does not allow the operator to stray from behind the safety rail.
    • No exposed or open edges- once again increasing the safety of your staff, the gate can be used with the guarantee that nobody will be injured.
    • Manufactured by us to be failsafe- as all of our products are made inhouse by us, we guarantee the best quality available, including our failsafe gates.
    • Easy to use- increase warehouse efficiency by operating the gate with ease.
    • Lightweight- decrease load times with quick pallet lifting.
    • Rigorous quality checks- to prove to you that your equipment meets all regulations.
    • No maintenance required- promising you years of service without the hassle, and no need for downtime.
    • Essential for any warehouse- no industrial environment is complete without a pallet gate, so what are you waiting for?


Mezz Floors UK offer two main types of mezzanine floor pallet safety gates; the Counter Balance and the Concertina. Whichever you choose, each pallet gate is powder-coated to give a robust finish with exceptional gloss retention. Although their primary aim is to provide convenience and functionality, they are also designed with style in mind.

Easy Access

One of the most common reasons for adding a mezzanine floor is to increase storage. In such a case, handballing items isn’t a convenient method of transporting goods and products. Pallet gates provide the solution, eliminating the need for staff to manually move heavy loads up and down a flight of stairs.


Counter Balance Gate


Concertina Gate

Suitable for a Range of Uses

The team here at Mezz Floors provide products for companies from a wide range of business sectors. Our experience in working with such a variety of companies has provided us with the experience and knowledge to deliver the best service to you. Industrial, commercial, warehouse and retail are just some of those that have benefited from our services, with each project ensuring that the customer has everything they needed to optimise their floorspace.


Working with you, our team will assess your environment and needs to determine which of products are will work best for you. It will then be designed and built to fit your company’s exact specifications, giving you the bespoke experience you deserve.

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For a system that you can be sure provides everything you need, look no further. The Mezz Floors team are ready and waiting to design the perfect solution for your building.


Why not take a look at some examples of our past work to understand what we could do for you? If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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