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Pallet Safety Gates

For warehouses and industrial environments, pallet safety gates are an essential part of the mezzanine floor. The safety of your employees is always the top priority and these gates are an effective way of achieving this. There are several reasons to incorporate one into your premises.

Sitting on the edge of the floor, they allow you to load your products onto your mezzanine with ease and safety. Employees and staff members’ safety is paramount when collecting loaded products. That’s exactly why our mezzanine pallet gates are designed in a way to ensure anybody using them stays behind a sturdy rail. At no point is there an exposed or open edge.

Mezz Floors UK designs and manufactures these products to be absolutely failsafe, as well as easy to use. A lightweight up and over style operation, combined with rigorous quality checks and inspections support this. All employees are kept safe as they never have to approach the very edge of the floor.

These gates can accommodate standard-sized pallets and require no maintenance whatsoever. They can continue to be used long into the future, keeping your employees safe for years to come. View them as a hugely important investment into the safety of your employees.

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Counter Balance Gate

Mezzanine safety gates

Concertina Gate

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Easy access

One of the most common reasons for sourcing floors is storage. In such a case, handballing items isn’t exactly a convenient method of transporting goods and products.

Having one of these installed essentially makes everything much easier. There’s no need to struggle, no need to panic and most importantly of all, no reason to worry about the people trudging up and down staircases with their hands full.

Suitable for a range of uses

The team here at Mezz Floors UK provides products for a multitude of companies in a number of sectors. Our experience in supplying a variety of companies has allowed given us the experience and knowledge of what is required within different sectors. Our service will work around your business.

Industrial, commercial, warehouse and retail-based businesses have benefited from our services, giving them everything they need to put their floor space to better use complete with safe access.

Mezz Floors UK offers two main types of gate, Counter Balance and Concertina. Working together with you, our team will assess your situation and determine which of our products are best suited to your specific requirements. It is designed and built to your company’s exact specifications.

They are powder-coated to give a robust finish with exceptional gloss retention. Although their primary aim is to provide convenience and functionality, that doesn’t mean they can’t look good, too!

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