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Mezzanine Flooring Products

Here at Mezz Floors UK, we believe in variety. There’s more to mezzanine floors than meets the eye and you can pick and choose from a huge array of different mezzanine products to make the perfect floor for your factory, warehouse, office or shopping area. We have absolutely everything you could possibly need for your mezzanine floor.

A wonderful range of mezzanine products

Mezzanine staircases give you a stable and safe way to get up to your mezzanine floor. Available in wide array of materials and designs, you can have the perfect staircase to fit your practical and aesthetic needs. Feature staircases show off what we can do when you’re after something that both works great and looks fantastic. We have also have a variety of general access stairs for factory settings, to provide an easy way to enter and exit the area safely.

Robust handrail systems will guarantee your workers, visitors and customers safety and peace of mind when they’re navigating the area. Handrails aren’t designed to be thought about, those who use them should just use them without thinking about how safe they are. We construct all of our handrail systems in complete accordance with British Standards and Building Regulations. High-quality stainless steel means that you can lean on our handrails without fear. We can design bespoke products that will work for whatever floor and handrail you already have. Our handrails can be both robust and pleasing on the eye – for retail and office environments, you can have handrails which fit your theme.

Our range of decking systems allows you to pick the best material for the floor itself. Will you go for high-density particle chipboard for water-resistance, non-slip and durability? Or perhaps hot-rolled durbar floor plate is more to your liking due to its water-proof, ultra-tough properties? We’ve got the flooring material to suit all of your needs, both practical and aesthetic.

Pallet gates allow you to load products or equipment onto your mezzanine floor with ease and safety. Safety is our top priority here at Mezz Floors UK and this is yet another product we provide that boasts supreme safety due to its excellent build quality and smart design. Our pallet gates work in a way which means that employees will still remain behind a safety rail, so there’s no chance of them falling off.

We also have a fantastic selection of balustrades to give your office or retail environment a classy and pleasing way to keep your visitors and customers safe. Glass or steel, you can choose the right balustrades for the look you want to achieve.

The best in fire protection systems

Fire safety is absolutely essential to any mezzanine floor, that’s why we’re proud to provide robust fire protection systems to keep you and your employees safe. We follow all building regulations to the letter, because we never want anyone to get hurt due to our negligence. Sprinklers, smoke detectors, cavity barriers, enclosed staircases are just a few examples of the multitude of ways we can protect your mezzanine floor from fire.

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