Mezzanine Flooring Products

Here at Mezz Floors UK, we believe in variety. There’s more to mezzanine floors than meets the eye and you can pick and choose from a huge array of different mezzanine products to make the perfect floor for your factory, warehouse, office or shopping area. We have everything you could possibly need for your mezzanine floor.


Whether you need a whole system designed and installed, with a staircase, decking and balustrades, or you just need one element, we have you covered. Take a look at our different products below.

Mezzanine Staircases

Handrail Systems

Decking Systems

Pallet Gates

Fire Protection Systems

Balustrade Systems

A Wonderful Range of Mezzanine Products

At Mezz Floors we pride ourselves on providing a range of quality products which allow you customise your experience from beginning to end. Our products prioritise both safety and style and our vast range ensures there’s something to suit any project.


  • Choice of materials– from flooring, to staircases, at Mezz Floors you can choose from a range of materials to suit you.
  • Bespoke design– each design is tailor-made just for you, meaning no other business will have a mezzanine like yours.
  • Feature staircases– for those who really want to make a statement you can even choose one of our feature staircases to complete your project. Perfect for customer-facing businesses, or simply those who want to add the wow factor to their offices.
  • Choice of general access stairs– we understand that feature staircases aren’t right for every business, but we still offer a choice when it comes to selecting general access stairs. And whatever you go for you can be guaranteed that they will provide the easy access and safety that you need.
  • Robust stainless-steel handrail systems– all of our handrail systems are constructed in complete accordance with British Standards and Building Regulations to ensure that they are as safe as possible. But with our choice of finish and design, they will also complement your new building design.
  • Range of decking– from indoor to outdoor and stylish to practical, Mezz Floor’s wide selection of decking option means that there’s a right flooring for any environment. Each decking option adheres to relevant safety regulations and can be fitted with a fire rating for heavily occupied spaces.
  • Pallet gates– perfect for warehouses and factories, we understand your needs and so, provide pallet gates to ensure that your business can run as efficiently as possible.
  • Balustrades– our fantastic choice of balustrades give your workplace the final touch it deserves. Choose from a range of materials including glass and steel to find the one that works for you.
Fire escape stairs on the outside of a modern sports hall

The Best in Fire Protection Systems

Health and safety is essential to us at Mezz Floors UK. And as well as ensuring your flooring is structurally sound and comprised of the best materials around, we work hard to bring you the best fire safety available. Which is why we are proud to provide robust fire protection systems to keep you and your employees safe at all times. We follow all relevant building regulations to the letter and even offer a range of fire safety equipment that can be fitted in your premises. Sprinklers, smoke detectors, cavity barriers and enclosed staircases are just a few examples of the host of ways in which we can help to protect your mezzanine floor from fire. For buildings which require fire rating, such as offices and retail spaces, our team are also happy to provide appropriate staff to do this.

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