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Mezzanine Floor Standards

At Mezz Floors UK, we pride ourselves on quality. Standards are essential, not just because they uphold our reputation for quality, because they ensure that every single floor we design, build and install is entirely safe to use and meets all of our clients’ requirements. We will never sign off on something that we aren’t 100% happy with.


  • We hold ourselves to strict standards because there is nothing more important to us than our clients’ satisfaction and safety. That is why we work so hard to keep you involved along every step of the way – this ensures that you can have input throughout the project.


  • We offer a number of different finishes and materials because we want you to be able to have your ideal mezzanine floor – one that matches both the needs and the aesthetic of your building. Particularly for offices and retail businesses, we understand the importance of having a mezzanine which fits with the tone of the rest of the building.


  • All of our flooring systems are designed to meet tough UK legislation and conform to the relevant British structural steel standards. With Mezz Floors you don’t need to worry about your floor not meeting safety standards, as this is our priority.


  • We use state of the art computer-aided design (CAD) software to design our bespoke solutions to fit any company requirements. As each company’s building and requirements are different, we create each of our structures tailored to the specific needs of the client.

Keeping You Safe

Standards go hand in hand with regulations, which is something else we value at Mezz Floors. Planning permission, load specifications, fire rating and building regulation approval are all part of securing the safety and functionality of the floor.


We can help you out with any problems in these departments, too. Whether you need drawings producing to local authorities, fire rating or planning permission, whatever regulation assistance you require, we are happy to help you with. For full details, please see our mezzanine floor regulations page.


We are confident that whatever your circumstances, we can provide you with the ideal solution without compromising safety, security and style. As a result, all of our mezzanine flooring solutions come with a 12 month warranty as standard.

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Experienced Team

We have many years of experience in the design and manufacture of mezzanines. Throughout the years, we have revised and perfected our standards and supplied structures to some of the UK’s leading businesses. We have worked with companies from all different sectors, including the manufacturing, retail and warehousing industries, as well as offices, too. Our structures offer bespoke design features, allowing you to choose from a range of materials and finishes that meet your needs.


We understand and appreciate that different uses for our floors require separate standards. For example, an office will be used in a much different way to a manufacturing site, much like additional workspace will have to function in a different way to storage area. With this in mind, the design, manufacture and installation teams at Mezz Floors UK pay close attention to the distinct purpose and environment in which a new floor is to be installed. We treat all projects individually and we will work closely with clients to determine the specific requirements they may have. This allows us to suggest and implement the best strategy moving forward with the project and ensures that safety and usability are preserved for the future.


If you would like to see examples of mezzanine flooring solutions that we have supplied in the past, please visit our work examples page. There you will see a range of our previous projects, each demonstrating our exceptionally high standards.

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