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Mezzanine floors bring obvious practical advantages to the businesses which get them installed, such as more storage space in their warehouses. However, here at Mezz Floors we also see the beauty in mezzanine floors, and many successful businesses are getting ahead with some seriously stylish mezzanine floors. Here are some types of companies which would benefit from having a stylish mezzanine floor installed.


Everybody likes a view when they’re having a drink, and it’s even better when the view is looking down onto something else. A mezzanine floor offers this without the worry of the cold or the rain, so can be used all year round. Lots of bars have outdoor areas, but it’s more rare and novel to find one with an indoor mezzanine floor. A floor above the main bar will allow eagle-eyed patrons to sit back with a drink and get stuck into some hardcore people watching from above.

Business 2 Business Companies

Any business which has to their sell product or service to clients and other businesses needs to be able to make a positive impact, immediately. With businesses like this, it’s all about customer relationship management. When a potential client comes for a first-time meeting at your office, your objective is to quickly get across some key ideas, and your office itself is crucial in forming first impressions of your business.

A professional and stylish mezzanine floor will lead to the client associating you with maturity and sensible decisions – you’ve decided to make better use of your office space with a mezzanine floor. They will also see the imaginative way you decided to make your office look more interesting and be more efficient, and be encouraged that you’re able to think outside of the box when it comes to tasks and problems.


Whether it’s a large, swanky restaurant or a little family-owned affair, a mezzanine floor is a sure-fire way to add a touch of class and sophistication to a restaurant. Any patron would be thrilled to get a table that looks out over the rest of the establishment. Compared with the bigger and more noisy ground floor, the mezzanine floor would be a quieter, more intimate space to talk and eat away the evenings with close friends or family.

Mezzanine floors can be made out of several different materials, and finished to fit with any aesthetic theme you’re trying to create.

Clothing retailers

For retailers generally, a mezzanine floor boasts so many fantastic benefits. It offers more space for you to display and stock your various jeans, shirts, dresses, shoes etc. This serves an obvious practical function, in that you have more floor space to stock the things you’re selling and to let customers wander about on. On top of that, a mezzanine floor grants you two new viewpoints to advertise more of your clothing to customers:

  • One is from below; looking upwards, they can see the clothing on the next floor.
  • The other is from above; they can stand on the mezzanine floor and look downwards, having a much better view of the clothing on the floor below. It’s also useful if they’re looking for a missing child.

Mezzanines are a pretty face, as well as being useful for storage, and we hope we’ve managed to get that across with this article. Transform the look of your business with a bespoke-design, beautiful mezzanine floor – if you’ve got any plans or ideas you want help realising, then get in touch with Mezz Floors UK and we’ll be glad to help.