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Mezzanine floors are becoming more and more prevalent within society. Used for a variety of reasons, they can add a number of benefits to existing workplaces and even remodel sites with a fresh sense of modernism.

Due to their time, space and money saving qualities, mezzanine floors are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Form warehouses and retail outfits to office spaces, it seems that almost everybody is taking advantage. They provide an aesthetically pleasing and convenient structure without having to incur additional costs that relocating or expanding can bring.

What happens once it’s been decided that a floor is required? Is it a straightforward process where an abundance of help and knowledge is at hand to achieve the desired outcomes? Quite simply; yes.


Mezzanine installation can’t begin though without the design and manufacturing process. Using state of the art computer aided design (CAD) software, the needs of your business are mapped out and imagined in 3D form. CAD takes all manner of factors into account and incorporates your measurements, dimensions and materials and transforms an idea into a visual representation.

Being able to physically see what a floor will look like upon completion allows for changes to be made before installing meaning that the business is supplied with exactly what it wants or needs. From there, manufacturing of the floor can be undertaken complete with quality and regulatory checks so that the highest standards are met.

The Installation

The mezzanine installation process is quicker and simpler than you may think. In fact in most cases, the job only requires two skilful, CSCS certified construction people. These two workers can install in the region of 60m² a day meaning there is a reduced downtime towards business matters.

To adhere to health and safety regulations, unauthorised personnel will be denied access to the construction area. With this in mind, consider your options during this time. If you can make do with a reduced space in the short time that it takes to erect your mezzanine, business need not stop. Installation teams work around your specific needs and work will only begin on your say so to reduce disruptions and enable you to decide the best time for installation.

Workers will need access to a forklift truck. Rest assured that the relevant insurance policies are in place. The only thing that you need to consider is whether you have one that the team can borrow or one needs to be hired. There may also be a requirement for a skip to be hired in some cases.

Here at Mezz Floors we are committed to providing you with the perfect solution for you. We endeavour to act with your best interests in mind and work with you during the process to attain the best possible results.


When the mezzanine floor installation is all in place and deemed to a high standard, you are free to utilise it for whatever purpose you see fit. Be it storage, retail or office space, you can be sure that it has been designed and installed to very highest of quality measures. Even after the time, money and space saving you’ve found, you may still feel a need to relocate. Our stainless steel mezzanine can be easily dismantled in a lot of cases so you can continue to reap the benefits of it even further into the future.