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At Mezz Floors, we deal with a lot of office-based businesses, and our mezzanine floors have to be planned out to meet their layout requirements. Office layout is a really important thing to think about when starting a new business or moving premises. It can have an enormous effect on how your employees get along and interact with each other at work and on the general atmosphere of the office. So, it is something that needs to be considered, but what should you be thinking about?


Teamwork is an important part of any business (unless you’re a sole trader) and your office layout needs to be able to accommodate this. You could go about this in a number of ways. You could set up your office to be open plan, so desks are together and staff work in an environment that allows them to collaborate and chat.

Or, you could create special areas for group work, with big desks so that everyone can get in the huddle. The second option means that if employees are doing work by themselves, they can do it in the main area without noisy group work affecting their concentration. Solo working areas can be made in other rooms or in a far corner, with partitions to block out noise.


Studies have shown that natural light has a big impact on employee productivity and morale. Natural light boosts Vitamin D, which has been proven to help with chronic pain and depression in humans. Light is also essential to the circadian rhythm. This concerns the natural patterns of behaviour that govern most living creatures on earth – an example being that humans (in most cases) are awake during the day and go to sleep at night. Modern life exposes us to lots of artificial light, which is often too harsh and has the same effect on you that using a smartphone right before bed does, it affects how well you get to sleep at night.

To combat this, make sure that your office layout puts employees near windows and skylights to maximise their exposure to natural light. Windows also let employees remember that there is a life outside of work, which helps reduce workplace dissatisfaction and stress.


Digital storage is becoming prevalent in the modern office and it’s a great way of saving space by cutting down on filing cabinets and stacks of paper. However, there’s only so much that you can digitise – sometimes you just need to hold something in your hands. Physical storage is an essential thing to think about because no one likes working in a cramped and cluttered office.

Given our focus on mezzanines and vertical space, our philosophy has always been to look up. The same goes for storage space. There are lots of options for shelves and cabinets that make more use of vertical space, while leaving you more floor space to move around in. Employees don’t want to be elbow to elbow and tripping over stacks of paper that could be stored on a shelf.

Whether you’re starting up a new business or you’re moving to a new office, have a think about your office layout. Of course, if you’d like to discuss your plans for an office mezzanine floor, then the team at Mezz Floors UK is always happy to help. Give us a call on 01440 268 411 or drop us an email at sales@mezzuk.co.uk