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Adding a mezzanine floor to your retail area is an ideal and simple way to maximise space – but it can do so much more than that! Countless studies have shown that surroundings directly impact on how customers feel and behave, so you need to make sure your store design, including your mezzanine, is spot on. As well as space planning, visual merchandising, and other tricks of the trade, the materials and aesthetics of your shop interior have a big effect on consumers. Here are our top 3 tips for making sure the look of your mezzanine floor boosts retail space productivity.

1. Choose a mezzanine that fits your brand

Whichever sector of retail you are in, you will have a specific audience in mind, and you work hard to make sure that your target customers identify with your brand. This carries over to your shop, as well. So if, for example, your brand is aimed at a younger demographic and positions itself as edgy or alternative, you might want to pick a more industrial looking mezzanine. Or if you see yourself as a high-end establishment you might want to go for one of the contemporary options offered by Mezz Floors, such as a feature staircase with sleek glazing and stainless steel balustrades. Here at Mezz we have a close working relationship with our interior design partner Grey Interiors, and we will work together with you to translate your brand into a beautifully-constructed mezzanine floor.

2. Create an inviting space

As we mentioned before, the design of a shop has more of an impact on customers than you might think. For example, crowded and boxed-in, customers may feel uneasy and could head to the exit. Make sure you don’t let that happen in your store: think about incorporating clear glazing into your stairway and balustrades to let natural light carry through, aerating the space so that customers feel relaxed and at ease. Likewise, a lighter-coloured flooring will open up the space so customers feel more comfortable browsing – creating more time for them to fall for your products! Or how about a natural wood style floor? It’s been proven that natural materials are subconsciously good for our psychological well-being – share this with your customers and reap the benefits of increased sales! Whatever you think will work best in your store, Mezz has a wide range of flooring options, so you’re sure to find one that’s just right.

3. Take advantage of CAD

Decisions, decisions…even the most confident and no-nonsense among us can falter when it comes to a big choice such as how you want your mezzanine to look. This is where modern technology can save the day! CAD (computer-aided design) software allows 3D models of objects and structures to be drawn up on the computer so you can see what they will look like before they are made. The experts at Mezz Floors use state-of-the-art CAD software, and are more than happy to draw up a few different options for you to look at in the design stage so you can really visualise what the mezzanine will look like and make any tweaks or additions. That way you can be in no doubt that the design of you mezzanine will maximise the retail experience and get your customers buying!