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Using the space available in your warehouse as effectively as possible is of vital importance for any company. It is especially important if your operations are expanding and you are in need of more space. But before you think about moving to a larger warehouse, it’s definitely worth reviewing whether you can create more space within your existing warehouse. There are quite a few handy tips and tricks that can ensure you get the most out of your space and can avoid the expensive and logistically complex task of moving premises.

1. Manage stock effectively

It might seem obvious, but it needs to be mentioned: well managed stock is paramount for using warehouse space effectively. Knowing your inventory inside out and which products you have where enables you to easily see potential for space saving measures. Then you can identify and eliminate unnecessary duplicates of products that don’t sell very well or get rid of dead stock to make more space.

2. Store overstock in an off-site location

If you have lots of excess stock for particular items, storing this extra inventory in a separate site is a great way to free up more space for new products, order fulfilment and day-to-day operations in the warehouse.

3. Size-match products to slots

Make sure that warehouse items are stored in slots that are as close in size as possible. You want to utilise all of the space in a picking slot cube for maximum efficiency. You’ll need to combine this approach with positioning frequently-picked items in easily-accessible slots.

4. Consider drop-shipping for larger items

Drop-shipping is a supply chain system whereby items are stored with and shipped directly from the supplier. This is a great way of saving space in your retail warehouse, especially if you sell and ship large items. It also removes a significant proportion of the logistics for these items, although bear in mind that it is also more difficult to keep track of your inventory if you employ this method.

5. Optimise your shelving

There are several ways in which you can optimise your shelving to create more space. Firstly, consider moving your shelves closer together. Obviously there needs to be plenty of space for people and forklifts to move around and you don’t want an overcrowded warehouse, but even moving your shelves slightly closer together could create some much-needed space. Another option is double-depth storage to fully utilise your shelf space.

6. Utilise vertical space

Warehouses usually have very high ceilings, but companies don’t always make use of this. Use the vertical space that’s available to you with higher shelving—but of course still observing health and safety, sprinklers and fire codes!

7. Have a mezzanine floor fitted

An even more effective way to utilise vertical space is to have a mezzanine floor fitted. While there are certain limits on how high shelves can be built, a mezzanine floor creates another whole floor’s worth of space in that top area of your warehouse. It can be inserted over and around your existing operations and is a great space optimising solution that means you don’t have the hassle of moving to a new warehouse.

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