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If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to maximise workspace then, chances are, you’ve considered a mezzanine floor. They’re the cheapest and most effective way of using up your wasted air space. Mezzanine floor suppliers up and down the country claim to have the perfect solution for your specific requirements, but how can you decide which to go for if you don’t know what to look for in mezzanine floor suppliers. Which companies really have your best interests in mind?

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing mezzanine floor suppliers and, as you will be aware, getting it right without delay, mistakes or going over budget is crucial if you want to be a satisfied customer, with the best mezzanine floor you can possibly get.

Undeniable Quality

The primary component of any project is quality. You would never agree for anybody to carry out substandard work for something as major as a mezzanine floor installation, and why should you? After all, your money is going into this and if you feel it’s been wasted upon completion, there’s not going to be many happy faces. On top of that, substandard quality also makes no guarantee of safety. You wouldn’t take any chances with your employees’ safety, so why should you let a substandard contractor?

Mezzanine floor suppliers that you enlist should pride themselves on the quality of their work, whether you’re looking for a warehouse, retail or office space. Of course, since the inception of the internet, you can see for yourself some of the previous works carried out by companies and judge for yourself. Many companies will have been reviewed online by past customers, so you’ll be able to see if they leave them feeling satisfied.

It may be a good idea to ensure that a company provides some form of warranty or guarantee for their products. It’s usually a good sign that manufacturers are so confident in the quality of their goods that they’re willing to pass assurances on to you.

A Wealth of Experience

We believe that quality goes hand in hand with experience. You’re never going to do a job perfect the first time you try it, or even the third, or tenth or a hundredth time, but each time you do a job you’ll learn something new and be able to bring it to the next job. The old adage “practice makes perfect” is something that should be ringing in your ears.

However, we’re not suggesting that you choose your mezzanine floor supplier based on when they were founded. Take a good look at their websites, get in touch with their staff, find out if they have experience in the type of work that you want done.

The best experience delivers satisfied clients with the floor they need, at the time they needed it and at the agreed cost. Again, the best indication of this is by talking to them and browsing previous jobs and customer comments.

The Full Package

The best mezzanine floor suppliers will be able to carry out the work from start to finish. This means that everything from initial surveying, quotations, design and manufacture, to installation can be dealt with by a single company with no intermediaries required. If they’re confident that they can deal with every single aspect in-house, then you know that they won’t fall back on the excuse that a third party messed up.

This can help to keep the overall cost at a much lower rate. The whole mezzanine process usually consists of:

  • A site assessment and meeting to discuss requirements. The company should listen to you and discuss your concerns to make sure that you feel entirely satisfied.
  • Planning and design and, in bespoke cases, 3D computer-aided design to create, modify and analyse prototypes. A schedule and budget should be worked out between you and the mezzanine floor supplier to make sure that everyone is on the right page.
  • Building regulations including health and safety and fire rating aspects. As a company with plenty of experience, they should be very familiar with government regulations on safety.
  • Installation. This should be carried out in a way that is as non-disruptive to you as possible.

There may even be a need to hire machinery and include staircases, handrails or balustrades to complete jobs. Knowing that the company can take care of all of this will take a weight off your shoulders.

A Tailor-Made Solution

Mezzanine floors can be manufactured without a specific client in mind, but if you’re looking for something very specific, then you’re going to need a bespoke solution. You should ensure that your chosen company can deliver this for you.

Something like this shouldn’t be too hard for a good company to take care of, and the best ones will use computer-aided design (CAD) to develop the perfect mezzanine floor for you.

CAD lets you visualise a fully 3D version of the floor that’s going to be built for you before the first screw has been put in. The company can show it to you to make sure that you’re happy with it before they get started building it. It allows you to get a real feel for the structural, as well as aesthetic values of your soon to be floor and can be used to make any amendments quickly and easily before the manufacturing process.

Turnaround Time

One of the biggest advantages of installing a mezzanine floor is the time it takes to come to fruition, in comparison to the alternatives, such as building an extension or moving premises. The installation time will, of course, depend on the size of the job but, in most cases, a two-man team should be able to install around 60m² a day.

Installers will have to work to strict health and safety laws during this time and nobody else will be allowed in the construction area, but this will also ensure that your floor is up in quick time. This is crucial for companies which require the use of the building for their continued operation as a business.

Mezz Floors UK – Mezzanine Floor Suppliers

Here at Mezz Floors UK, we can offer all these factors to make sure that you are getting exactly what you need. Our entire process from start to finish is carried out with your best interests in mind.
We can talk with you to ascertain why you require more space and then provide a solution that best serves the requirements of your business. We’ll consult with you along every step of the way and we’ve got years and years of experience dealing with every aspect of mezzanine floors.