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Here at Mezz Floors we like to use cutting edge machinery to ensure that we are offering our clients the highest quality products possible. However, we are also conscious of the impact we have on the world around us as a business. Therefore, we aim to use environmentally-friendly, non-wasteful production methods where we can.

We use a high-performance technology called water jet cutting to manufacture our mezzanine floors. A water jet cutter uses a highly pressurised jet of water to cut through a variety materials. In this blog post we thought we’d tell you about the benefits of this great technology.

It’s Kind to the Environment

The water jet cutting process uses water as opposed to toxic chemicals or heat. This means that no harmful substances are given off, such as toxic gas produced by the application of heat, or dust from the use of more traditional cutting methods.

It Produces Minimal Waste

Another production factor that is important both for the environment and in terms of economic efficiency is the reduction of waste. Water jet cutting performs very well in this respect. Firstly, its impressive accuracy means that parts can but cut very close together. The leftover material this produces can then be used for future parts and projects, and less material ends up going to waste.

Another way in which we reduce waste with our water jet process is through the reuse of water. Once a job is finished, we reuse the water again for more cutting. This circular economy concept helps us to reduce the amount of valuable resources that we consume.

It’s Safe

As we mentioned earlier, the water jet technique doesn’t emit any harmful gases, fumes or dust, making it a lot safer for operators and staff than other cutting and production methods. The fact that it is a cold process also means that no sparks are flying, which considerably reduces risk of fire.

It Produces Great Results

As well as the benefits mentioned, one of the key plus points for us is that the water jet procedure achieves fantastic results. It is a highly precise process which produces high-quality finished products. You can choose different jet speeds for different finishes, with the slowest speed allowing us to create amazingly smooth edges for an absolutely premium product. What’s more, the lack of heat used in the procedure means that no warping takes place along the cut edges.

Water jet cutting also benefits our customers because it is so quick and efficient. The job is carried out in one go without the need for additional machinery, which keeps both costs and time spent to a minimum. The lack of material wasted also adds to the cost effectiveness of the process.

Water jet cutting can be used on a wide range of different materials, giving our customers fantastic choice in the materials they want to use for their mezzanine project. Whether you’re looking for hard wearing materials for an industrial mezzanine, or will have more of a focus on aesthetics for a commercial mezzanine, our water jet procedure is up to the job. You can rely on receiving a high-quality finished product with premium function and appearance.

If you would like further information about our manufacturing methods or would like to discuss a potential project with us, then please do not hesitate to get in touch today on 01440 268 411 or sales@mezzuk.co.uk.